3D Scanners: What Will You Create?

3D scanners are all the rage right now because of their many diverse uses. From creating prosthetic limbs to designed the wing of a plane, 3D scanners can do it all.

For those interested in creative production, check out this comprehensive guide all about 3D scanners.

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What Is a 3D Scanner?

What is a 3D scanner? 3D scanners use impressive technology to analyze an object in the real world and collect data on its appearance and shape. Using this state of the art data, one can then build a digital 3D model.

The best 3D scanners use no physical touch or invasive technology of any kind to scan an object. Instead, the scanner simply uses powerful line of laser light to measure intricate details and capture multiple shapes.

These shapes are produced quickly and then create exceptionally precise point clouds. In other words, the scanner recreates the object of your choice in exact detail and size.

Rather than producing a two-dimensional image like a camera, a 3D scanner creates a three-dimensional model.

How to Use a 3D Scanner

It’s important to know how to use a 3D scanner if you want the best results possible. The first step is to prepare the object of choice for scanning. You need to spray the object with temporary matte power.

This helps create optimal scan accuracy.

Next, scan the object with the 3D scanner. You may need to rescan the object more than once, especially if you are scanning an object with very precise details.

After, refine the mesh. Meshes are the principal output the 3D scanner creates and is the format most commonly used in 3D printers. These files must be refined so they can then be imported into CAD software, which has reverse engineering capabilities.

All that’s left is to convert the scan into a solid and 3D print your design!

Creating with a 3D Scanner

Creating with 3D scanners is cutting edge technology. The options are literally limitless as to what you can create using a 3D scanner. Just a few of the most common uses of 3D scanners include:

  • Automotive parts
  • Engineering
  • Industrial design
  • Medical filed
  • Forensics
  • Archaeology
  • Art

Whether you’re looking to design a character for a video game or retrofit heavy machinery, the 3D scanner can produce anything under the sun and then some.

If you plan to create smaller objects, be sure to choose a 3D scanner with a high resolution so the many fine details can be captured accurately. Consider a handheld 3S scanner for the best mobility.

3D Scanners: The Tool of Tomorrow

In today’s world, it can be challenging to stay up to date with the always evolving technology. Don’t miss out on 3D scanners and the revolutionary impact they’ll have on your life.

What are you waiting for? Your next 3D scanner creation awaits!

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