4 Ways to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve for Relaxation

If you experience stress and anxiety, you’re not alone. Americans, in general, have overwhelming stress levels. While you can take prescription medication to relieve your stress, more people are choosing natural remedies. But what are your options?

The vagus nerve has been extremely popular recently. The vagus nerve (pronounced like the city Vegas) is the main parasympathetic nerve in the human body. It’s a long and complex cranial nerve, starting in the brain and running down to the chest.

It’s said that when you stimulate the vagus nerve, it has a relaxing sensation. Here are 4 ways to relieve anxiety symptoms by stimulating the vagus nerve.

  1. Exercise

It’s no surprise that exercise has beneficial effects on your mental health. While experts are still understanding the link between exercise and managing mental health, it’s said that fitness can stimulate the vagus nerve. The main theory is that activity stimulates the nervous system, which then affects the vagus nerve function.

It’s recommended that you stick to endurance and interval training. Jogging and walking are perfect examples of these exercises. If you’re more experienced in fitness, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also achieve these effects.

  1. Meditation

We’re often told that treating anxiety is easy with meditation. But why is meditation so effective?

The act of meditating clears the mind, so you’re not focusing on your jumbled thoughts. However, it’s said that meditation also stimulates the vagus nerve. When you meditate, you breathe deeply. This slows your heart rate and regulates your nervous system. You can also achieve this with yoga, as long as you use the same breathing techniques in meditation.

  1. Listening to Music

Who knew your favorite past time could stimulate the vagus nerve and bring you relaxation? There’s a reason we love listening to music — our favorite songs and artists bring us joy. Music has the power to tap into our emotions and the physical body.

So, how does music stimulate the vagus nerve? There are a couple of theories. The main theory is that the frequencies in music enter the eardrums and stimulate the vagus nerve.

But what if you don’t have music handy? You can stimulate the vagus nerve by singing. The vagus nerve and vocal cords are connected. If you’re not the best singer, then humming and chanting can still give the same effect.

  1. Devices

If all of this fails, then relaxing the vagus nerve is possible with various devices. These devices target the vagus nerve directly. This will not only relax you but can regulate your mood. There are multiple devices that you can choose from. If you struggle with a lot of stress, it’s recommended that you use these devices daily.

Use These Methods to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve

If you struggle with anxiety, you may feel like nothing can help you. There’s no reason to feel helpless. You can stimulate the vagus nerve to feel relaxed and happy. Some great methods to stimulate this nerve include exercise, meditation, listening to music/singing, and using devices. Use any of these methods to achieve wellness.

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