5 Common Furnace Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Furnace repairs can cost upwards of just under $500, even more for serious concerns. With it also costing thousands to do a full replacement of a furnace/HVAC system it is important to avoid furnace repair mistakes and keep proper maintenance.

Read on to find out exactly what those mistakes are and how to keep your furnace healthy and happy.

  1. Working the Electrical Repair on Your Own

This is highly specialized work, more so than most any other part of the furnace system. You should not do anything beyond troubleshooting when it comes to the electrical components of your HVAC system.

Additionally, there is the danger of seriously injuring yourself by tampering with any electrical parts.

  1. Skipping Filter Maintenance

The simple task of changing a filter can make far more of a difference than you may think. The same goes for not changing one and letting them go well past the recommended 90 days changing period.

By design, the filter in your system collects all of the dirt and dust in the air as it passes through the furnace. If these particles stay clogged in the filters it can damage not only the furnace but the entire HVAC system.

Dismissing or putting off this one step could cause more damage than most other mistakes.

  1. Delaying System Maintenance

Going further than simple filter cleaning is a full system tune-up. This should be, but often is not, done at least one time a year. A certified professional must perform the service, a DIY version is not enough.

By having yearly maintenance done, you can fix small repairs can and catch other potentially larger issues before they cause serious damage to the furnace.

This will allow you to extend the lifespan of any HVAC system much longer than you would have it for otherwise.

  1. Ductwork Cleaning

Clogged ductwork can cause uneven heating. This is because the air can not pass through the system properly. While problem may sound like there is an easy solution that you can handle on your own, do not.

furnace repair company should be the one to do it. No matter how small or large a ductwork system is, it is a specialized system that requires servicing with specialized tools.

  1. Cost Over Care

Quality maintenance should always be the first thing on the list when dealing with a furnace. An insured and certified professional must be the one to handle any HVAC system.

Throughout your search you will find plenty of “great deals” but choosing the first that sounds good and is a deal is only going to cost more in the long run. By choosing the cheap deal you will find yourself looking at having to replace a furnace altogether.

Keeping Away From Furnace Repair Mistakes

Making sure that you keep to a strict maintenance routine and not running into any of these furnace repair mistakes will help you keep a long healthy life to your HVAC system. Save money and stress while keeping nice and warm.

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