5 obstacles that are stopping you from becoming a great leader

Peter Ferdinand Drucker, an Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author, once remarked, “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

That is what great leaders successfully manage to do in their role in the day to day life. But it is not how easy it looks, as to uplift other persons vision to higher sights and develops their personality is a very challenging task to accomplish. And before achieving that level of proficiency in motivating and uplifting others, one first needs to focus more on himself. As it is simple that,” One cannot fill another person’s glass, when he himself is empty” And no matter how good a leader is according to him or the people around him.

There is always scope for improvement and obstacles which can be turned into opportunities. Which are holding back from realizing and utilizing the whole potential. For instance, we can look at Gary Ng Toronto resident, who doesn’t come from a very wealthy background. But Gary Ng had very hard for a long time and have taken substantial efforts in analyzing and excelling himself to be where he is today.

So here are 5 obstacles that are stopping you from becoming a great leader which one needs to realize and work on it. As the step toward solving a problem is to acknowledge the fact that there is a problem. In this case, there is scope for further progress in process of becoming a great leader.


As a leader, it can look outright absurd as well as challenging to admit a mistake, which one commits as a leader. But it is far worse than actually admitting a mistake to rather negate it. As it can potentially put them as a leader in a very critical condition and above it can heavily damage their reputation. So a great leader failing to acknowledging and admitting a failure hinders or even stops one’s progress a leader. Because they are not willing to learn any more from their mistakes which are indeed the best and consistent teachers of everyone’s lives.


As a leader, some people tend to be controlling and tend to micromanage things. Which is not only time consuming but also counter-productive. One person probably cannot take up the roles of responsibilities of everyone. This not only stops one from being a good leader but can also make a good team dysfunctional. So whenever tasks and responsibilities arise, one should delegate them fairly to the team members who are most suitable for them.


One of the key aspects of leading and standing at the forefront of the company is communication. As a leader when it comes to communication there is more to do rather than just ordering others and giving an unnecessary piece of advice. Therefore one should not only speak all the time but also listen to everyone intently.


When there is no paucity of motivation it can ruin team efforts and productivity. As a leader, it is natural to burnout from stress and pressure and shutdown. But as a leader one should serve as a motivator and encourage others to do their best.


One of the secrets to being a great leader is confidence and high self-esteem. It can go along way in creating credibility among the followers and coworkers and serve as the foundation to robust leadership. Although it should always be portrayed in a moderate way, as it can be mistaken as arrogance.

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