6 Common Garage Organization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you scared of opening the garage door to be crushed by a mountain of sports equipment, holiday decorations, and tools? Are there so many things packed inside that you’re unable to fit your car inside?

If this is the case, you are not alone. Overcrowded, cluttered garages are common, and they can quickly fill up. And, at times, your efforts to clear out space only make matters worse, resulting in more clutter because of garage organization mistakes.

That doesn’t preclude you from having a well-organized, clean garage. You may have a clean and orderly garage with room for your vehicle if you avoid a few common mistakes and implement garage storage ideas. Here are six common garage organization mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Storing Junk in The Garage

If you are like most people, you have tons of stuff you’ll never use stored in your garage. Although the garage offers good storage space, stocking items you no longer use in there can waste space that you could use for items you need.

Garage storage spaces can easily become overrun with useless stuff that is better off in the trash if you are not intentional about what you keep in them.

To avoid storing junk in your space, sort through any items you have stored, give away what you can, and throw away anything you haven’t used in years.

2. Putting Off Organization

Procrastinating on garage organization because you have other plans for the weekend is not the best idea. The longer you delay organizing your garage, the more items you will have to deal with when you finally start organizing it.

You don’t need to spend an entire day on garage organization. Designating 15-30 minutes each day to arrange a section of your garage is a quick and effective garage organization strategy.

3. Failing to Plan Before Organizing

Before you start organizing, think about where you want to place each item. Get shelving, containers, hooks, and any other garage storage solutions you need for effective storage.

4. Failing To Include Extra Storage In Your Remodeling Plan

A garage does not have to be expansive to provide enough storage space. Any part of the garage your car does not occupy can make a good storage space. If you plan on remodeling your garage, ask your contractor to include storage space in the model plan.

Create a storage system that will use all the idle spaces in your metal car garage, including the walls. Ensure every item you store in your remodeled storage space is useful to avoid wasting storage space.

5. Storing Items in Random Places

If you store items haphazardly in your garage, it probably looks very messy. When you store items randomly, you disorganize the whole space when looking for items you need.

You can avoid a messy garage by organizing yard tools and other items that have similar uses in common zones. For instance, you can have a storage zone for tools, one for sports gear, and so on.

6. Putting Frequently Used Items in Hard To Reach Places

Storing items you frequently use in inaccessible places will make it harder to maintain a well-organized garage.

When organizing, always store your most used items in handy places.

Avoid These Garage Organization Mistakes

A garage equipped with smart storage systems minimizes the chances of developing bad organizational habits and making some of the garage organization mistakes listed above.

Instead, they’ll help in saving time by making it easier to find things. You’ll also use less time cleaning up the garage.

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