7 Reasons to Install Flag Pole Lights

Do you have a flag pole in front of your business or home?

Many people who own flags displayed on a pole choose to illuminate the flags with lights. This makes sure passersby can appreciate them any time of the day or night, and you can admire your flags whenever you wish.

If you’ve been considering getting flag pole lights, though, you probably want to know what you’ll get out of your investment. After all, the lights cost money, so you think you should make sure you’re going to love them.

Want to know more about getting flag pole lights? We’ll go into 7 reasons you should illuminate your flags!

Keep reading to learn more!

  1. Flag Pole Lights Keep Your Flags Visible

If you have a flag, chances are you care about what that flag represents.

Many companies and individuals display the flag of their country, and they often want the flag to be visible at all times. If this sounds like you, get some flag pole lights and arrange them around the pole, making sure they point toward the flag.

Then, make sure they turn on at night in order to enjoy the full effects.

  1. Follow the Flag Code

Did you know that the United States has a code by which flag owners are supposed to follow?

That’s because, to Americans, the flag represents the pride they have in their country and freedoms. During ceremonies, people are discouraged from letting the flag touch the ground or anything else underneath it.

Displaying the flag, then, also has its own set of rules. The code advises people to raise the flag in the morning and then lower it at night, and some places, such as schools, choose to do this.

Yet, for others, this isn’t the most convenient option. For these individuals and organizations, the United States advises that the owner illuminate the flag during the nighttime.

Veterans’ service organization¬†American Legion recommends the owner place the light on the ground and have a beam illuminate the flag. Otherwise, you can display a flag in a well-lit area, where people easily see it even in the middle of the night.

  1. Keep Drivers Safe

Lighting a flag isn’t only patriotic and attractive-looking; it keeps drivers safe.

How so?

If you have a flag pole located near the road, you run the risk of a driver accidentally hitting it under the cover of night. This could end in a tragic accident and may lead to you needing to buy a pole.

To prevent this, purchase proper lighting for your flag pole. That way, drivers will see your flag pole and be able to avoid it, even when it grows dark.

  1. Showcase the Surrounding Landscaping

Many flag owners don’t just put up a flag pole and not decorate the area around it. Instead, they usually invest in great landscaping and try to make the area as attractive as possible.

We recommend hiring a landscaper to make the area around your flag looking good. Consider planting flowers or bushes around it, with the flag pole stand in the center.

This shows off your artistic flair and personality while showcasing your flag appreciation.

In turn, lighting keeps your landscaping visible even throughout the night. If you want to get the most of your flag and plant arrangement, use flag lights.

  1. Take Advantage of Solar Energy

Usually, when people think of lights, they picture plugging something into a wall socket and having to keep them on all night, using energy.

If you’re someone invested in using green energy or saving on your electricity bill, this could be a deterrent from getting lights for your flag.

Don’t worry, though! Solar energy companies have already taken this into consideration and developed flag lights that run on solar energy. That means during the day, they’re soaking in energy from the sun and using it to power your lights at night.

This helps you save on your electricity bill because it doesn’t require electricity, and it keeps your energy use green.

  1. Variety of Flag Lighting Options 

When you illuminate your flag, you actually have several options, so you shouldn’t be dissuaded from purchasing one just because you think it might look bad in your yard.

If you want to get one that showcases your personal style a little more, take a look at your options. Some lights are positioned on the ground, while others clamp onto your flag pole or even light it from above. This gives you a variety of options and helps you keep your yard as you want it while following the guidelines for lighting a flag.

  1. Different Flag Light Sizes

Do you think that your flag is either too small or too large for regular lights to effectively illuminate it?

Fortunately, flag lights come in different sizes. This means that whether your flag is large or small, you can buy the appropriately sized light for it.

This allows every American to display a garden or yard flag pole without having to worry about using too much or too little light. Instead, you can find just the right light for you and your flag.

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Ready to Light Up Your Flag Pole?

Are you ready to get flag pole lights for your home?

If you have a flag, you should consider getting lights for it. When you purchase lights for your flags, you keep your flags visible, follow the flag code, keep drivers safe, showcase your landscaping, take advantage of solar energy, use a variety of lighting options, and use the right type of light.

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