About BitStarMarkets in a nutshell

BitStarMarkets is a perfect platform for experienced users. The variety of tools and offers is impressive. Even using the mobile app you get a full trading experience.

What you get:

  • A professional set of trading tools
  • Secure operations
  • Quality mobile app

Problems you may face:

  • Complicated pricing policy
  • Sophisticated structure and non-intuitive navigation

What makes it different:

  • Designed by traders for traders
  • Education development tools for newbies
  • No commission on stocks
  • A wide range of equities
  • Direct market access

BitStarMarkets can be number 1 when it comes to 1-stop commerce solutions. You get a number of the most effective instructional tools. New users have a chance to join learning. Learn an e-book otherwise, you opt to watch live trading demonstrations. BitStarMarkets will help you to find a technique you’ll like. With BitStarMarkets you’ll be able to use screen the marketplace for trading opportunities and ideas.

Furthermore, you don’t get to be a master to form your indicators.  You can completely customize your commerce. Native news retailers and sources are there to help you. In the beginning, a set of tools may overwhelm. All new bargainers prefer a simpler, additional efficient trading experience. But if you’re the sort of trader who is ready for challenges – go for it.

 For those who enjoy mobile capabilities, have a look at the BitStarMarkets app. IOS and Android versions offer the complete compatibility of the desktop platform. Tho’ TradeStation’s offerings are generous — $0 commissions on stocks and most ETFs — open-end investment company. Bond investors are going to pay a $14.95 commission per trade.

Who can benefit from BitStarMarkets

  • Active traders, experts
  • Day traders
  • Traders interested in lower-value stocks

Starting step by step

Set up the account. It is really quick and intuitive. Choose the account type. Fill in the personal information fields and previous trading experience. The last step – accept terms of service. Then just wait for your application review. Right after that, your trading begins.

Your account minimum may vary from $0 up to $2,000. It depends on the account type.

Learn with BitStarMarkets

If you are starting and worry about the lack of experience and knowledge. Learn with BitStarMarkets! Forget about dozens of tabs. Use the in-build research section to learn all news on stocks and trading. See the most-read stories and browse a wide variety of sources.

Follow the YouTube channel to learn more about the platform. Many introductory courses for beginners are available. Learn about crypto, BitStarMarkets platform usability, watch webinars and become a pro.

What is customer service in  BitStarMarkets like

  • For any questions feel free to call customer support.
  • In case of any technical issues call technical support.
  • For help with opening a new account contact the BitStarMarkets team via email.
  • Use the online chat for any small issue.

BitStarMarkets customer support will always be there for you.

To sum up

Overall, we rate BitStarMarkets 4.5 out of 5 stars. The platform deserves the attention of both pros and newbies in trading.

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