Are You Accidentally Creating Mosquito Breeding Grounds?

Did you know the number of severe cases of West Nile virus increased by 25% in America? These days it is crucial to keep your family safe. It’s more alarming when the threat comes from a common mosquito that can breed in your yard.

Do you want to know where the mosquito breeding grounds are? Read more to find out if you are accidentally making them yourself.

The Deadliest Animal

Although mosquitoes are small (and much less intimidating than a bear!) they still manage to kill 400,000 people every year. Making them one of the world’s deadliest animals.

Mosquitos bring many diseases such as dengue and malaria. A female mosquito can lay eggs as long as there is standing water.

Inside Your Home

Summer is one of the times we enjoy the most. It brings the perfect weather to spend time outside. Unfortunately, it’s also the best condition for mosquitoes to multiply.

They can multiply under your roof the most during summertime. Here are some of the places these mosquitos can breed.

Indoor Pots

Every household has a plant or two inside as decoration. It brings a fresh look to your home. But many potted plants are being placed on trays that collect the droplets of water from the pots.

This small amount of standing water is more than enough for a mosquito.

Air Coolers

You may not know it, but air coolers can become a breeding nest for mosquitos, especially when not cleaned. You use air coolers the most during summer.

People usually leave them alone for the rest of the year. If left unclean, it can become the perfect mosquito breeding ground.

Outside Your Home

It is common for backyard mosquitos to ruin your summer. There can be many places outside for them to consider home.

Here are some places in your backyard that they can multiply:

Natural Containers

There are types of plants with the perfect shape that can hold water. It is likely due to the tree holes and some plant leaves.

Other natural containers like rock pools and empty snail shells are enough for them to breed.

Artificial Containers

Many people have decorations and even trash in their backyard. Unfortunately, mosquitos only need a little container to breed.

Birdbaths are beautiful pieces of décor for the backyard. However, when you leave them alone, they can be home to hundreds of mosquitos. Other examples of artificial containers include discarded tires and pot saucers.

How to Deal With It

Most of these problems are avoidable by making sure to clean every month. You can also drain the water from birdbaths and pot saucers. But in some cases, it is better to hire pest control services, especially for large outbreaks.

Are you having trouble finding the right services? Check out to get rid of your pests.

Clean Up Common Mosquito Breeding Grounds Today

You may have by mistake made some mosquito breeding grounds around your home. For the safety of your family, it is best to double-check.

With the current pandemic going on, it’s best to avoid getting sick because of mosquitos. Stay safe and rid yourself of these pests. Enjoy your summers with no worries.

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