How to Choose the Right Size Motorcycle Helmet

Do you love to get lost in the awe of the sunset? A motorcycle ride is what you need. You can have it anytime. But you need to learn how to ride first – most of do. But do we remember to learn it all? A great number will say yes! Not thinking about the Best Motorcycle Helmet gear.

How many remember to learn about the safety gears? Very few people – I bet. Many people will learn to ride and off they go – they just think they know what safety gears they need and how to use them. The truth is we fall way below the pass mark. And one vital area where we fail is on how to choose the Right Size The Motorcycle Helmet. Here is a simple guide that will help you to get the perfect fit.

Step I

  • Use a measuring tape/ a bit of string and measure around the head.
  • Make sure the tape measure rests just above the eyebrows /ears
  • This is the highest distance around the head which a helmet covers.
  • Don’t forget to note the proper measurement which will be in Centimeters (it is the helmet size).

Step II

  • Visit a shop and find a best suitable motorcycle helmet size
  • Use the measurements that you have taken
  • Ask an expert where necessary or come with a friend
  • Measurements will vary from small, medium, large, to extra-large.

Step III

#The Bonus

Take note of how the helmet fits you when you wear it. You should consider the following things too.

  • Have to be certain that the helmet leaves no gaps between its pads
  • Make sure the pads are in direct touch with the cheeks.
  • Expect a snug fit in a brand new helmet’s pads – they soften with time.
  • Check properly for gaps usually around temples and crown padding.
  • Be sure there shouldn’t be any movement at all in the helmet’s fit

Why is a Motorcycle Helmet Important for Your Bike Rides?

There are so many reasons for this. Any bike rider should know them before they ride off. They include the following.

It is required by law before you can ride on many roads. Failure to have it can easily lead to jail, fines, and other major traffic law offenses.

Wearing a helmet can also help you to protect your body from serious brain injuries in case of many riding-accidents.

How do You Know You’ve Got the Best Motorcycle Helmet?

It is essential that the helmet you wear while riding your motorcycle fits correctly. Usually, if a helmet is too small it will obviously feel uncomfortable as it pinches your skin too. If it is too big again it will not provide you with the proper head protection that you need. In fact, in an event that there is an accident, the helmet could easily come off and leave your head very much exposed.

If your helmet fits right then the skin on your head should move as the helmet is moved. You should actually feel that a slight but very even pressure has been exerted uniformly across your head.

What you should keep in mind more often is that a helmet will loosen up a bit whenever the comfort liner compresses through its use.

What Motorcycle Helmet Size Do You Actually Need?

According to the best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews, having a right fitting helmet is important. But this is only possible when you know the actual size of the helmet that you need. To do this may need an expert. However, you can also measure the size of your head using a measuring tape before buying a helmet.


Like we have seen above, it is advisable that when you need the perfect fit motorcycle helmet for your use, you should take the appropriate measurements. Always measure approximately 2.5cm above the forehead and also around the total circumference of the entire face/ head and compare it to the type of helmet that you want to buy.

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