Choosing Effective Drug Testing Products

Drug testing has become a very common requirement for a variety of things today. From simple tests for pot to tests for any other substances. It could be a urine test, a hair follicle test, a mouth swab or even a blood test. If you are looking to beat your drug test, then you must know how to pick the right products. You can get a broader idea of what drug testing entails here.

Types of Drug Testing

Before we even begin to look at products, we need to look at some common testing methods you may encounter. These tests are simply ways of identifying things you may have taken into your body. To identify these substances, the by-product from your body will have to be analysed for traces of whatever substance is being searched for.

Your body’s waste therefore acts as the source of this information. These include: urine, feces, and saliva. Blood and hair follicles are also used. Let’s look at these.

Urine Testing

Urinalysis is a common test because it offers a more comprehensive result than most other tests. Even if the effect of the drug has worn off, its presence or the fact that it was used can still be detected in the urine. It takes a longer time for traces of any substance to totally clear of in the urine. Of course, how long each substance remains visible in the urine will depend on the drug itself.

Hair Testing

If the objective of the test is to find out about drug usage that may have exceeded about 3 months, then hair follicle test will be the ideal choice. A variety of substances can be tested for in a hair follicle. These include: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, phencyclidine, and opiates.

These can be detected after up to 90 days of use.

Blood Testing

This type of test is used for finding out the type and quantity of a substance present in an individual’s body at that instant. Some of the substances that can be tested for in the blood include alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, nicotine, amphetamines, and opiates. You can try online blood testing, click here to know more.

The four types of testing listed above are what most persons will have to face if a drug test is required.

Saliva Testing

If the purpose of a test is simply to know of any very recent drug use, then a saliva test is used. It’s less cumbersome for both parties and can deliver an accurate result for up to 3 days of using the substance. Again, this will depend on the actual substance.

Types of Drug Testing Products

Having looked at these four different types of tests, let’s now look at a few ways of passing these tests even if you have some of these substances in your system. There are a number of ways or approaches that you can adopt. Some of these can be found online, like on Clear Drug Tests website.

Synthetic Urine

This is a product that is usually used for urine testing. Rather than present your actual urine, you present this synthetic urine product that will ensure that your test comes out in your favour. This particular product is great for urine testing because it can be used instantly.

It may be a bit difficult to try to instantly cleanse your body of traces of whatever drugs you may have taken, such that your urine does not show this traces. If however you are not a heavy user and you have a few days before the testing, then detoxing with the right product can also be effective.

Detox Products

This class of products is also for urine testing and is ideal for the occasional user. If you happen to be a heavy drug user, then this may not be a reliable option for you. You will be better off with the synthetic urine. The detoxifier will remove traces of the substance from your body and also mask the remaining so it does not show during testing.

Remember that this may not work for heavy users.

Detox Shampoo

Knowing how damning hair follicle tests can be, you need something that can really remove or mask the toxins in your hair. The right detox shampoo will take care of this for you quickly. Simply wash your hair with it and you can match right into the lab for your test with confidence because you will ace it.

Detox Gum

It’s chewing gum right? Nothing sinister about it. However, as you chew, you are cleansing your saliva of those tell-tale substances that can stop you from getting that job or promotion. You can chew this and it starts working in as little as 30 seconds and stays active for about 30 minutes. Just be sure to get the right detox gum.

Detox Mouthwash

The right detox mouthwash can make your saliva a saint. For the period during which it is active, no test will reveal any traces of drugs.

Above we have seen a few suggestions that can help you get the result you want from that pesky test. Carefully pick a product that is right for you and from the right source and go pass that drug test.

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