Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home

With closing costs on a new home at over $5,700, it might be wiser to stay put and remodel. And if your siding is peeling or warped, you may want to tackle siding for home updates first. You’ll spruce up your curb appeal and protect your home.

But which siding replacement is the best? Read on to find out!

Consider Cedar

For a warm and rustic look, cedar siding and other wood siding options, like pine, might be the right choice. The woodgrain texture will add instant curb appeal when stained. Or you can paint the wood to create a rich and striking appearance.

Be aware that wood siding is prone to rotting. And you’ll want to invest in ongoing maintenance to avoid termite infestations. Further, you’ll need to plan on painting or staining this wood again periodically, as the sun can cause fading.

Remember that wood is combustible, meaning it poses a fire risk. You can apply a flame retardant seal to help offset this risk, however.

Think About Metal

If you’re hoping to avoid a future siding replacement, choose metal. Metal siding, which can last for 50 years or more, is one of the more durable siding choices. Better yet, you won’t even need to power wash it or do much maintenance at all.

Consider mixing metal siding with stone or wood. Some vertical metal siding will add the perfect touch of industrial minimalism to go with the rustic materials.

Don’t expect a lot of warmth, however, since metal siding isn’t known for providing much insulation. In a similar vein, it’s not as good at soundproofing as other home siding choices, either.

Go with Vinyl

For a durable and long-lasting choice, turn to vinyl for house siding. It’s available in a range of colors that won’t fade under the sun. And all you need to do is use a garden hose to rinse it.

Vinyl siding also is resistant to fire since it is made from PVC. If you live in an area with severe summer storms and snow, you can count on vinyl home siding to stand up to the elements.

If you’re hoping to replace siding yourself, vinyl is among the easier options. It locks into place easily! Just be sure to keep your grill away from it since the heat can warp the siding.

Look into Fiber-Cement

This type of siding has the advantage of being water-resistant and fireproof. The pests won’t be attracted to it, either, like they would with cedar planks. Look for siding installation near me to find a qualified team to install this siding or any other.

Fiber-cement siding is versatile, too. You can buy versions of it that look like metal or wood — but without paying the same hefty price tag!

Find the Best Siding for Home Remodeling

When you need siding for home updates, your choice may hinge on aesthetic preferences and your budget. Get a strong value with vinyl or fiber-cement. But for added aesthetic appeal, you may prefer cedar or metal.

Get more tips to beautify your home. Check back for new articles soon!

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