CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers, Berger Rental Communities, Aronov Property Management – What These Properties Have In Common

By definition, a community is a social group that shares a common locality. Today, the use of technology has in some ways negatively impacted physical communities as more people are using social media to build ties online, rather than communicating with the person living right next door.

In response to the decline, property managers are looking for new ways to foster a sense of community within the walls of their own residential buildings. Whether it’s developing mixed-use or live-work spaces that blend residential, commercial or entertainment uses, or finding unique ways to bring residents together, property managers realize the importance of empowering residents to take an active role among their neighbors.

Encouraging regular events reinforces familiar faces and can create close bonds among residents, not to mention boosting awareness of the importance of social connections. If property managers make the goal of community a priority, they will build a sense of belonging among the residents which will result in a place they’re happy to call home.

CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers

Having an attractive gathering area for residents to enjoy is equally quite essential in apartment a sense of community. Take, for example, CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers, located in Hamilton, Ontario, a property that offers large grassy atmospheres outside of its apartment, allowing peoples to relish the lovely outdoors while allowing them a room to meet others.

Berger Rental Communities

 Berger Rental Communities is a full-service company in the Pennsylvania and Delaware areas that handles all facets of multi-family property management. Berger Rental’s goal-oriented management philosophy is dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community at every property they manage. Tenants of Berger Rental volunteer in their local communities, which include fun resident events and spreading cheer around the holidays.

Aronov Property Management

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Aronov provides expert management services for retail, commercial, residential and resort properties. Aronov’s management teams are committed to creating a comfortable environment for residents through recreation programs that foster a sense of community.

What Property Managers Need to Know

To begin with, property managers can take on an active role as the community leader by making an effort to have a physical presence at the property. Be friendly and make introductions with residents, get to know them on a personal level.

Another helpful tip – use social media to set up a networking page where residents can begin to get to know one another in an environment they are already comfortable with.

Property managers can also arrange monthly or bi-monthly community meetings or events to bring residents together. Consider converting an area or common room of the building into a social area. The key is to encourage residents to come together to communicate and get to know each other.

Building a sense of community may take some time, but in the end it will be well worth it when your residents realize how much their management team truly cares.