Free Your Mind: 9 Great Methods for Dealing With Daily Headaches

Is your head aching, even as you read this? You’re not alone. Almost half the population had a headache last year.

It’s time to relieve the ache. You can put an end to the pain and focus on living your life without the ache.

Here are nine natural ways to relieve your daily headaches.

  1. Try a Cold Pack

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, apply a cold pack against your forehead.

If you don’t have a pack at hand, create a makeshift one by wrapping ice cubes in a towel. Apply the compress for 15 minutes before taking a break.

A cold shower can lessen the pain, too.

  1. Switch to Heat

If ice doesn’t help, try a hot compress instead. Apply a heating pad against the back of your head or neck. If you don’t have a heating pad, use a warm cloth or take a shower.

These tips work for sinus headaches as well.

  1. Lower the Lights

Are you squinting at a screen all day? Bright lights and flickering fluorescent bulbs can also contribute to daily headaches.

Take a break from your computer screen from time to time. You can also add blackout curtains throughout your home. When you head outdoors, don’t forget to grab your favorite pair of shades.

  1. Ease the Pressure

That ponytail or hat you’re sporting might be too tight. Loosen up your headband, cap, or swimming goggles to relieve the pressure.

If that doesn’t help, consider visiting a Pain Clinic to explore your frequent headaches further.

  1. Caffeinate

Caffeine withdrawal can cause daily headaches if your body is caffeine dependent. Try drinking tea or coffee early in the day.

Caffeine also helps acetaminophen and other over-the-counter medications work more effectively. To get more information, visit

  1. Chew Not

Knawing on gum can leave your jaw feeling sore. In some cases, it can cause daily headaches as well. That goes for chewing on the inside of your cheeks, lips, fingernails, or pens, too.

When you’re eating, take small bites. Avoid sticky or crunchy foods when you can.

Ask your dentist about getting a mouthguard if you grind your teeth at night.

  1. Relax the Mind

Up to 80% of American adults get tension headaches. About 3% get one a day. Meanwhile, women are twice as likely to get these headaches as men.

Try adding some relaxing tactics to your daily routine. For example, you can take up yoga and meditation to relieve the mind and body. Both can help you relax to ease away your daily headaches.

  1. Massage It Out

Massages can also ease the physical pain you experience each day. Tension in your neck and shoulders might cause your daily headaches. A few minutes massaging your tense muscle spasms can ease your head pain away.

  1. Moderate Meds

Don’t knock back pain relievers without thinking it through. Over time, your body will develop a tolerance. If you do take pain killers, try liquid over pills, which your body will absorb faster.

Get Ahead of the Pain and Relieve Daily Headaches

Free your mind and get ahead of the pain with these nine ways to relieve daily headaches.

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