Gary Melius Net Worth

How much is Gary Melius net worth? Many people want to know about Gary’s bio, net worth etc.

gary melius net worth

Gary Melius is the owner of Oheka Castle which is located in Long Island. Kahn built Oheka Castle between 1914 and 1919. This is the 2nd biggest private mansion in the USA. This mansion is around 109,000 square feet and this mansion has almost 127 rooms.

Gary Melius is using this mansion as a historic hotel which includes 32 guest rooms and suits. Moreover, this mansion became a famous weeding venue for dignitaries, socialites and others. Furthermore, many film and television series have been captured here.

Many celebrities such as, Megyn Kelly, Curtis Martin, Joey Fatone, has been married in this mansion.

Gary Melius was shot by a masked armed man in 2014.

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Gary Melius Net Worth

His net worth is around 1.1 million dollars. Gary Melius is earning lots of money from the Oheka Castle. This Oheka Castle is his main source of making money.

If you are planning to arrange a weeding program in Oheka Castle, you have to pay around $7000 to $12000 for location. Besides, you need to pay $200 to $500 more per person.

So, you already have known about Gary Melius net worth and about his mansion.  You can visit for reserving their hotel room or weeding programs.

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