Getting To Understand Something More About XMRE Meals

MRE is the acronym for Meals Ready to Eat. These types of specially made and specially packaged meals are very commonly used by the U. S. military and other defense organizations. Military personnel are required to spend months and perhaps even years in hostile and unfriendly environments and situations. It is almost impossible for the military personnel to expect cooked meals every day. Hence they have to look at other options or settle for local foods which are risky and not recommended. In such situations MRE meals or XMRE meals are becoming a necessity rather than a choice. It has been used by our defense forces for many decades now. The technology for making these specially packaged meals has undergone quite a bit of change over the past many years. Because of these changes, many civilians have also started showing interest in these MRE meals. Additionally there are some inherent advantages and benefits associated with these meals. Hence it would be worthwhile to get closer to these meals and understand more about them.

They Are Made To Last

MRE meals are specially made to last for many years. There are no harmful synthetics or preservatives for ensuring the life of these special meals. In fact these meals stay fresh and are eatable even after three or four years. They are packed using the nest of technologies. This helps the food to stay fresh for years at length. The packages are toughly built using special materials. Hence they can be dropped by air over long distances without the risk of breakage or damage. They are also conveniently packed so that they can be eaten even in hostile surroundings and environments.

They Are Nutritious

It also would be pertinent to mention that these specially made meals have the right mix of nutrition which is essential for military personnel. Even civilians who have a fascination for adventure tours and explorations in inhospitable terrains also would be able to get the required nutrition per each meal. They have the right combination of macro and micro nutrients in the form of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. They also supply the right quantities of vitamins and minerals which help in maintaining good health. The calorie counts of these special XMRE meals range from 1000 to 3000. Therefore you can choose the type of meals depending on your specific calorie requirement. This would be again dependent on age, lifestyle, gender, body build and other such attributes. Versatility is one of the main reasons as to why it makes sense to carry these food packets.

Special Heating Facilities

MRE meals use special technologies as far as packaging is concerned. They have a unique heating system which can help to keep the food warm whenever required. The heating does not require a stove or other conventional heating devices. Therefore they are extremely useful in cold climates and in desolate places where making fire could be a difficult task.

They Come In Different Varieties

It would also be interesting to note that modern day MRE meals are tastier and palatable when compared to the earlier versions. Military personnel who used these meals a few years back often complained of lack of taste as far as these meals were concerned. Variety was also a problem. However, today we have a situation where you could choose from a wide offering of chicken, lamb, beef, pork and other types of foods. There are also different types of vegetarian foods. The taste is also much better and the freshness continues to remain so even after many years. There are also quite a few side dishes to make it even tastier for the tongue.


However there are some obvious downsides as far as these MRE meals are concerned. It may not be suitable for those who are keen on hot and freshly cooked foods. Compared to frozen foods these food packets are heavier and therefore it could add to the overall weight of the entire package. These are single meal options and therefore it may not be suitable for those with sedentary lifestyles. The smallest single meal ready to eat solution could be around 1000 calories. Not many people would be able to eat 1000 calories in one sitting.

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