Here’s How Long the Home Selling Process Takes revealed that the best time to sell your home this year is between April 10 and 16.

That week is when they think inventory will be at its lowest and demand at its highest. That combination should make your home fly off the market.

The home selling process doesn’t work quite like that. How long does it take to sell a home?

Keep reading to find out and get home selling tips to sell your home fast.

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

The home selling process can take as little as two months. It can also take as long as a year. It depends on your location, market conditions, and several other factors.

The home selling process happens in different stages. Each stage impacts the length of the sale.

In the planning stage, you learn why you want to sell your home. It’s when you interview real estate agents to sell your home. This takes between 1-3 months.

A lot of work happens in the preparation stage. This is where you can really maximize the value of your home. You work on curb appeal and updates, and make minor improvements to the home.

The real estate agent may have a list of suggestions to make your home sell quickly. Depending on your home, this can take another 1-3 months.

The real estate agent will list and advertise the home. You’ll have open houses and showings.

A home could get an offer in just a few days after it hits the market. There are homes that sit for months, too. This depends on your home and market conditions.

Once you get an offer, expect the home to close in a couple of months if the buyer uses financing. Cash buyers let you close within a month.

Potential Delays in Selling a Home

There are potential issues that could delay the sale of your home. For instance, the inspection could uncover issues with the home. Buyers will renegotiate the contract to either have you make the repairs or reduce the sales price.

There may be issues with the title, such as a tax lien on the home. According to, you can still sell a home with back taxes.

Home Selling Tips

What can you do to sell your home fast? Look for cash buyers.

There are steps that lenders require that lengthen the time to sell the home, such as appraisals. Cash buyers don’t have these burdens.

You can also ask buyers to waive certain contingencies that would speed up the home sale.

It’s possible to reduce the amount of time planning and preparing your home by selling it as-is. There are cash buyers who buy homes as-is. That would reduce the home selling process by months.

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Know the Home Selling Process

How long does it take to sell a house? There are a number of factors that determine the length of the home selling process.

If you need to sell a home quickly, follow the home selling tips in this guide. You’ll get a good price and close the sale quickly.

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