How Do You Know if a Drywall Crack Is Serious?

Do you have drywall cracks?

Finding a crack in your drywall can sound like every homeowner’s worst fear. Most of the time, these cracks are just a product of your house shifting and settling, which is nothing to worry about as a homeowner. But, once in a while, you could find a crack that could spell big trouble if you don’t take care of it.

Not sure whether that crack in your wall is cause for alarm? We’re here to help! Here’s everything you need to know about when a drywall crack is a cause for concern.

How Big Is It?

One of the easiest ways to tell if a drywall crack should be a cause for concern is its size. Minor drywall cracks are common, especially in newer homes that haven’t had the chance to settle yet. A thin horizontal or verticle crack can look alarming. But, these cracks are generally just the product of a house settling or slightly shoddy installation. You can usually patch over these cracks and forget about them.

However, if you have a thin crack that is gradually getting wider, you may have a severe problem. A widening or growing crack could be a sign that something is unsteady. Whether it’s your wall or your entire foundation, if you have a crack that is gradually getting bigger, you should bring in a professional as soon as possible.

While it may sound obvious, if you have a significantly large crack in your drywall that was not caused by something hitting your wall, you should consider bringing in a professional to figure out what happened.

How Does It Look?

Another easy way to determine whether a crack in your drywall is safe or a cause for concern is its general shape and direction.

A slightly jagged but horizontal or vertical crack can be a sign of a shoddy tape job or your house settling and is generally nothing you should be too concerned about outside of patching it.

Misshapen, very jagged, or diagonal cracks should always be a concern, no matter how thin they may appear. When your house settles, it can either grow or shrink, putting too much pressure on your drywall which can cause minor fractions. But, if everything is sound and level, those cracks will generally be pretty straight and even. If those cracks come out looking jagged or diagonal, that could mean that your house is uneven — which could mean that there is something seriously wrong with your foundation.

If you have a drywall crack that is diagonal, uneven, or an odd shape, you may want to consider bringing in a professional to help you get it sorted out.

Where Is It?

Finally, like with real estate, location matters when talking about drywall cracks. A long, thin, horizontal crack may look bad, but it isn’t anything a good patch job can’t fix. If you have cracks near or around your windows and doors, that could be a sign that something isn’t fitting right and needs fixing.

No matter how the crack in your drywall looks or where it is, it’s always best to trust your instincts. So, no matter how it looks or where it is, if you’re worried about a crack, you should go ahead and bring in a drywall professional, like The Patch Boys, to inspect and fix the problem.

How to Tell if Drywall Cracks are Dangerous

Now that you know a little bit more about how to tell whether or not drywall cracks are ac cause for concern, it’s time to figure out whether you need a patch or a pro.

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