How to Brush Your Teeth the Right Way, According to Dentists

Everyone likes having a nice smile, but your smile is so much more than what meets the eye. Your dental health goes way below the surface and is directly connected to your immune system and other diseases.

Brushing your teeth is something you’ve literally done your entire life. So obviously you know how to brush your teeth, right?

The answer to that question surprisingly may be no for most people. Incorrect brushing is better than none at all, but putting your best effort into your teeth is putting your best effort into yourself.

It’s not enough to put some toothpaste on a toothbrush and go through the motions. It may sound cliche, but listen to the dentist! Oral hygiene is so, so important. Here’s an outline of how to brush your teeth properly, according to dentists themselves.

Use Proper Tools

The first step to correctly brushing your teeth is choosing the proper toothpaste and toothbrush. Using improper tools is just one of the common mistakes made, leading to incorrect brushing. Incorrect brushing can lead to gum disease and other serious issues.

Your ideal toothpaste depends on a few factors, including sensitivity and whether you choose to include fluoride.

How do you pick the right brush? Make sure the bristles are soft and not damaging. The size is dependent on the individual.

Different brushes have different handles and features. The best way to decide is whatever brush will reach every area in your mouth.

Replace your brush or brush head every 3 months.

Perfect Your Technique

Let’s talk timing. How long are you supposed to brush your teeth? The answer is 2 minutes!

Everyone is in a rush sometimes, but it’s important to brush your teeth for this long and to include flossing and mouth rinse at least once a day.

Most people are also under the misconception that brushing is a linear motion when, in fact, you should think of brushing your teeth as massage-like motions. You want to ensure that you are brushing the entire surface area of your teeth and your gums.

Your teeth consist of more important angles than the fronts that are typically the focus. Ensure that you are reaching your teeth from every angle to remove food and plaque.

While brushing, remember to go up on your upper teeth and down on your lower. What does this mean? Extend your brushing above and below your teeth to clean and strengthen your gums. Your gums are just as much apart of your oral health.

Get Into a Routine

At the very least, brushing should occur twice a day. However, brushing thoroughly after each meal is ideal. Brushing immediately after eating can damage the enamel, so it is also important to wait at least 30 minutes.

Your routine shouldn’t consist only of what you do at home. Regular teeth cleanings and exams are just as important. Preventative exams are when you may discover more you should be doing or unknown issues that need to be dealt with.

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