How To Deep Clean Your Car Interior Like the Pros

Do you know that new car smell? The fresh, clean scent that tells you this car is not only new but also sparkling clean?

Well, what you may not know is that you can get that scent even when your car isn’t new. The key? Deep cleaning your interior.

Your car’s interior is probably dirtier than you know. Wiping off the dirt and grime can make a significant difference, though it will take a little hard work and time.

Ready to dive in? Keep reading to learn how to clean your car interior properly.

Prep Work: Tools and Location

If you want to clean your car’s interior efficiently, you first need to gather your supplies. No matter if you’re cleaning your car at your house or a car wash, you’ll want to have everything together so you can get it done as quickly as possible.

Your necessary tools include:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Microfiber towels
  • Glass cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Trash bags
  • Gloves

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you should decide where you want to clean your car. The most important aspect is finding a place with tons of shade and good lighting.

You don’t want to be directly in the sun, as you will not only get uncomfortably hot, but the cleaning products won’t work as well in the extreme heat.

Choose a shady place that still allows you good visibility in your car’s interior. You need to be able to see all of the dust, dirt, and grime so you can efficiently get rid of it. Otherwise, you’ll probably miss a good chunk of it if it is hidden by the shadows.

Remove Clutter 

You’ve done the prep work; now it’s time to start cleaning. Whenever you research car cleaning tips, the first step is always to dispose of trash and remove clutter.

You can’t even really get to anything else before this step is complete. Get your trash bag ready, put on your gloves, and remove any old takeout boxes, food, junk, papers, and anything else that might have accumulated in your interior and trunk.

If you have old clothes you’ve been waiting to donate, now is a great time to get rid of those too.

Anything that is not vital to your car should be removed in this process, even if it isn’t necessarily trash. This will allow you access to all of the inner parts of your car, so you can replace them once everything else is clean.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Now it’s time to wipe down the surfaces of your car’s interior, starting with the dashboard. You want to start high, as dust and dirt will fall onto the lower surfaces, which you will then brush to the carpets to get vacuumed.

Use your microfiber towel and spray to wipe down these surfaces, making sure to get in any nooks and crannies. Wipe down your steering wheel, gear shift, and gauge cluster.

Make sure to flip your microfiber towel and replace it if it gets too dirty. If you are using wipes, frequently change them out. You can use paper towels and cleaner in dirtier spots, such as your cup holders.

Grab the glass cleaner and wipe down the inside of your windows. Ensure it is ammonia-free, and work in small areas to avoid the cleaner from streaking.

Vacuum the Interior

Vacuuming is the last big step to cleaning your car interior, and it can make the most significant difference. You don’t realize how much dirt gets on your rugs and seats until you remove it, and it will feel like a brand new car.

Before you start, remove your car’s mats if you have them. You can separate them from the carpet and shake off the dirty mats outside the vehicle.

Start by vacuuming your car’s seats, doing your best at getting into all of the various crevices in the leather or fabric. You can press down on the larger cracks to better see any crumbs and dirt that may have fallen in there.

Next, vacuum out your air vents, focusing on the ones at the top of your dash and behind your back seats.

Now you can tackle vacuuming the floors, starting under the seats and paying extra attention between seats. Make sure to move the seats back and forth to provide you with full access.

Vacuum the center console, the doors, and any other interior bodywork. This is your time to remove any dirt and grime that may be leftover.

Before replacing your floor mats, shake them off outside and vacuum them thoroughly. If they are all-weather floor mats, you may want to hose them off first and then let them dry before reinstalling them.

Enjoy Your Clean Car

You did it! Now all that is left to do is to sit back and enjoy your freshly cleaned car.

Consider getting a car freshener to keep your car smelling nice, and add anything you’ve been thinking of, such as seat covers or any other accessories to make your car feel new again.

Your next project may be tackling your car’s exterior, so if you’d like to learn more on car detailing brushes and how they can help you do that, click here.

Use This Guide to Deep Clean Your Car Interior 

Learning how to clean your car interior isn’t difficult, but it does require a bit of work. Take the time every so often to do so, and you’ll get to enjoy your car as it if it is new over and over again.

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