How to Know If Children Need Glasses

A 2019 data analysis suggested that more than 40% of children under the age of 16 need glasses.

While a child may need glasses, many parents find it difficult to gauge their eyesight ability. But left untreated, poor vision can affect their performance in school and lead to further eye problems.

Thankfully, there are many signs of needing glasses that you can keep an eye out for. Continue reading for five telltale signs.

Squinting or Closing One Eye

It’s not easy to determine if something is wrong with your child’s vision, but pay close attention and you’ll soon know. Squinting is common among children that have difficulty seeing, and it’s often a sign of a refractive error, which means their eyes may struggle to focus on an image.

Covering one eye or tilting the head may also be done to improve the focus and clarity of an object. Observe your child while they are reading or looking at a book.

Sitting Up Too Close

Your child may be shortsighted if they always choose to sit much closer to the TV than necessary. They may also hold books or handheld devices close to their eyes in a bid to make words and images larger and clearer.

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common eye condition in which nearby objects can be seen clearly, but objects farther away are blurry. If your child has this problem, they may struggle in the classroom unless they’re sitting at the front. And do you need glasses for astigmatism? Usually, yes.

A Lack of Focus at School

For children, vision problems can manifest in a number of ways at school. They may find it challenging to concentrate, suffer from poor comprehension, and avoid reading or close visual work. Children who need glasses, but have yet to visit an optician, are often incorrectly labeled with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Rubbing Eyes

Excessive eye rubbing is a symptom of many types of vision conditions, including allergic conjunctivitis. It’s a hint that your child may be suffering from eye fatigue or strain, and an eyewear prescription may be the solution.

Be attentive to eyes that frequently water because this can also be a sign of a child with vision problems.

Headaches or Eye Pain

If your child is suffering from headaches or eye pain, they may be overexerting their eyes in a bid to make up for their visual limitations. Their eyes work hard to focus on the blurred objects, leading to considerable discomfort.

These are five standout signs you need glasses.

It’s Normal to Need Glasses

And there you have it. If your child is showing signs of poor vision, they’ll likely need glasses. But there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, and, in 2022, there’s zero shame for children that require eyewear.

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