How to Open a Mailbox Lock without a Key?

Necessities for mailboxes have not yet been diminished even though people don’t write letters to each other often. You can still see a mailbox at the entrances in most of the houses and offices. It is mostly because the postman brings official letters, notices, daily newspapers, periodical magazines, different brochures, and other necessary documents. Getting payments from parties and sending so is another reason why people use mailboxes.

What if some required notices or payments are inside the mailbox, and you’ve lost the key suddenly? It may frustrate you a lot, and create a panic for unwanted mail theft by someone else who got the key!

Not necessarily it’s going to happen, but you may feel an urgency to open the mailbox instantly for any mail or documents stored inside the box as locked! But how to open a mailbox lock without a key? Is there any way? There is, and we are describing some of the ways to open a locked mailbox without a key. However, a USPS-approved high-security mailbox may require some more caution and sophistication. But in most cases, you can apply any of the following methods.

Way 1 (Basic Method): Application of Force

The first way to open the lock of a mailbox, we are discussing hereto, is probably the most basic so far. Apply force and get the lock unlocked is not a very big deal if you know the process. But if you want to apply this method, the following two conditions should be met up-

  1. The mailbox should have a regular security system, and there should be no or less modern security technology integrated into it.
  2.  The mailbox must not be pretty new; instead, it should be in a condition that it is better to replace it. Because the method may damage the locking mechanism, which may not be repairable.

If your current mailbox fulfills these, then you can start to open the box. You will require a thick and robust screwdriver and an even stronger metal knife. Insert the sharp side of the driver or knife, subject to size fitting, into the key slot. Start pressing the object inside the key slot and continue to apply force technically unless the pin of the lock gets to jump out.

When you are going through the process, be careful about specific issues that the door of the mailbox drawer may get deformed. The lock, if the mailbox is too old, may be damaged in a way that you won’t be able to repair it again. For this, we have mentioned above not to apply the force method into a pretty much new mailbox that you don’t want to replace except for getting the lock opened only. However, we suggest you pushing not too hard so that you can avoid bending the metal.

Way 2 (Cautious Method): Key Simulation

A modern technology locking mailbox is more a bit sophisticated and protective. Before applying any effort to it, you should test if any advanced electric signal system comes as a feature of your mailbox. Application of too much force as the first method might not bring expected results, other than damage only.

So, be a bit more cautious and sophisticated. Key Simulation is such a cautious way, although it may not work all the time due to the advanced defense system of some locks. But you may give it a try at least!

Take a small and quite thin knife or manicure scissors and insert the sharp part inside the keyhole. Start turning the object like a key; never rush please, do it softly! Turn the lock slowly at the same time in the same direction. Try unless the door is open.

As said, this might not work in some cases, and you can apply a sharp hairpin there. Twist the pin in different directions after inserting it into the keyhole. However, this might not be effective when you are using one of the most secure mailboxes approved by the United States Postal Service. There you should wait and get a key replacement from the USPS.

Way 3: Cardinal Means

Follow this way when you have decided to open the mailbox, no matter even if it gets destroyed. Remember, the castle will be entirely damaged this way.

Take a power drill, not battery-powered cordless, and connect it to the electric line. Start drilling a hole in the core of the lock. Once you’ve done drilling, use a screwdriver and a hammer to push the lock inside to destroy the locking mechanism. This pressure will be sufficient to break the lock entirely. Once destroyed, you can open the mailbox without a key.

You can even apply blades of an oscillating tool to cut the drawer of the mailbox from the outer part, which will reveal the inside ultimately without much hassle. But, we suggest an electric or gas-powered unit for a guaranteed outcome.

Last Words

Apply the first two methods for any mailbox. For highly-secured mailboxes, you may not get the best output this way though. There will be still some chances. You can also check the website online ​for non-emergency and emergency call-outs available 24 hours a day. On the other hand, we want you to apply the cardinal method if there is no alternative is available except for the destruction of the mailbox. For government-approved mailboxes, go for a replacement key though it may take some more time.

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