How to Utilize the Tools for PDF with GoGoPDF

PDF is the most commonly used type of file that enables everyone to capture any given document to any application. PDF files are complex formats. It needs services like Converting, Splitting, Merging, Compressing, Repairing, Paging, and many more. These tools are here to help us make our work easier, quicker, and better. Also to make our documents more organized and well-presented.

May it be Windows, Mac, or Linux, or all major operating systems, GoGoPDF allows us to use their software with our Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones. There is no need for us to download software; by just going on their website, we can use their tools. We can access the platform from Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Firefox.

Converting to PDF

Converting a PDF means modifying our files into a format that we want. We can convert Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF, etc., or vice versa. Converting PDF files makes it easier and accessible to anyone. With the GoGoPDF conversion tool, we select or drag and drop the files that we want to be converted; their tool will turn it from Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, HTML to a PDF format, then it would be ready for download.

Securing our PDF files with the Lock and Unlock tool

By locking a PDF means to secure and protect by encrypting and giving them a password to open. While unlocking a PDF is when we have a passworded PDF File, and we want it removed. The reason for locking our PDF files with a password is that they will view or read-only. With GoGoPDF, our files are secured with 128-AES encryption.

On the other hand, with unlocking the file, when a file is locked with a password by the owner, we usually need the password to modify the PDF’s contents. While some PDF files are highly encrypted. GoGoPDF could not guarantee to unlock these types of files.

Compressing a PDF

Compressing a PDF file means reducing the file size. GoGoPDF has a compression tool that reduces the file size while getting the highest quality of the PDF file. To compress a PDF file, we have to select or drag and drop the files to the software, then GoGoPDF will reduce the size up to 144 dpi, making it easier for us to upload files to the web through email, which is efficient.

Adding a Watermark

A watermark is a faded image in the background. By adding a watermark in our PDFs, our contents are more protected. We can either choose text or photo for our watermark. We can also personalize our watermarks with GoGoPDF since we can choose the color, size, or font of our watermarks.

E-signature on our PDF

We can sign our name using our mouse or upload a picture from our computer to use as a signature, by signing a PDF protects the document’s integrity. All the while, GoGoPDF has a signature tracker that keeps us up to date on the status of the PDF document we sent out to other people. As soon as we release the file, we will automatically receive a confirmation email from GoGoPDF.

Repairing a PDF

Repairing a broken, damaged, or corrupted PDF file caused by viruses or malware with GoGoPDF will attempt to recover our files from working by analyzing, and fixing them; However, some files are not recoverable, GoGoPDF will recover as much of our data as possible.

Sharing Documents

Many email servers prevent us from sending files above a maximum size. Now, we can send large PDF files, Word documents, and Excel files size in a quick, easy, and secured way. With GoGoPDF, we can send and share files as big as 5 gigabytes and will be sent directly to our contacts.

PDF Reader

A PDF Reader is a tool we can utilize if we have PDF files that are large that sometimes our devices could not handle. GoGoPDF’s PDF Reader can zoom, renumber, and rotate all pages in a PDF document. We can utilize our PDFs on desktop, mobile, or web and print or share our PDF.


In today’s age, PDF files can be read anywhere, and on any device, it can be accessed on most browsers. We can utilize our PDF files with tools in a fast, secure, and easy way. With platforms like GoGoPDF that are reliable, convenient, and straightforward, we can convert any document into a PDF file without sacrificing quality, making our work quicker and hassle-free while guaranteeing our files’ safety and security.

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