Marketing strategies for a tech startup on a budget   

Every company, be it an established empire, a startup, or even a very small business, needs to expand. Hence, all companies must concentrate on their marketing strategies. The question is, how? And the answer, as simple as it can get, is through Marketing.

While some people believe that conventional ways of marketing are nearing extinction in the present era of digital marketing, it’s not entirely true.

But, at the same time, the requirement is for digital marketing where you can reach a much larger audience in a fraction of the time can’t be overlooked either.

Technology and digital platforms have become the major platforms to market and advertise your services in today’s world.

A greater emphasis must be placed on digital advertising tools in these digital times. It all starts with creating a website so that people can easily find you online.

Later, you can concentrate on other platforms such as social media, where most of your target market is present.

These platforms will give your business the competitive edge it needs and attract more customers. For instance, you started a self-storage business and are curious about its marketing strategy.

In that case, you must realize that self-storage services require a specific set of digital tools to help reach the right audience that would be different if you were advertising a tangible product.

Your self storage internet marketing strategy cannot be the same as a marketing strategy designed for a consumable product. Why? Because services and products require a different approach.

With that said, here are a few tried and tested marketing strategies for a tech startup on a budget. Go through them to understand the basics and work your way through.

Let’s get started.

Research, analyze and shortlist

The best thing to do when on a budget is to invest time in research and analysis. The first step in designing a marketing campaign is to conduct a thorough analysis before moving to the next phase.

Examine and survey which marketing platforms are popular with your target market.  Once it is determined, marketing measures can be implemented accordingly. For example, if people use Facebook, you can invest more there.

You convince people that you can meet their needs, desires, and demands. Look for competitors and local providers who are recognized and respected in the area.

Remember that quality is just as important as quantity, if not more, so give your finest and highest quality with whatever service you’re providing.

Delivering commonly will help advertise your company vastly, resulting in a rise in potential buyers.

Winning your client’s trust is critical because it leads to better customer acquisition and increased sales. As a result, your company will benefit from higher annual yields.

Strategize and Make Comprehensive Business Plans

Now that you’ve done your research, analyzed, and understood your target market, it’s time to take action that will benefit your business.

Make business ideas and strategies that can help you generate more leads to mold themselves into customers. Make the most of a popular platform in the area to ensure that you reach out to a growing number of potential customers.

Smartly and stylishly design your advertisements, posts, content, and blogs. You only have 5 seconds to sell with digital marketing, so your marketing campaign must be unforgettable and catchy.

Design and develop a comprehensive strategy for taking your company global. It is critical to create suitable to prevent any negative consequences, backlash, or substantial risks.

Brand your company by developing your merchandise. A signature logo, style, and price become an identity for the startup.

This will also ensure that customers and potential clients identify your service and are inclined to you in the long run whenever they require any assistance related to your company.

Creating a single campaign is, of course, considerably cheaper. Therefore, work on designing a campaign that sticks to the “one size fits all” objective since you’re on a tight budget.

It is far easier to catch multiple preys with a single arrow with a campaign that triggers the collective conscience.

Here are three easy ways you can choose to market your services on a budget;

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing on social media websites may help your business flourish to new heights. With an ever-increasing user community worldwide, it’s the perfect platform for assisting you to grow your business in perhaps the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Pinterest, people regularly use these platforms.

You can choose to go for paid promotions by looking at your budget, but even if you plan to go organic, managing your accounts and your social presence in terms of content can do wonders.


Being a small business, to develop a solid web presence, you should use SEO to increase brand awareness.

Search engine optimization helps make your website faster, easier to access, and more user-friendly to boost its visibility when people are searching for services.

It is an organic technique to produce quality leads for your business.  SEO will help you increase your customer base and increase accessibility, visibility, and recognition. With an optimized online presence, you will increase your chances to stand out from the ever-increasing competition.

Customer Relations

Customer and public relations are very important for any business, but they are crucial for a startup. Strong relations and customer service help your business grow with word of mouth.

The more positive reviews you have, the more your business flourishes organically. Also, the best part is, being nice and providing good customer service doesn’t cost much.


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of marketing and advertising. Although difficult, it’s not impossible to form a good marketing strategy on a budget.

Your social media segmentation should reach a large but relevant audience and drive traffic. Additionally, your eCommerce apps must be simple and adapt to your customers’ needs.

Using these techniques, you can effectively advertise your brand and observe your efforts as your startup grows. Take your time, invest wisely and be patient in looking for results.

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