Murals to Transform your kitchen

If you are a homeowner who is bored with the design of your kitchen, worry not. This is because interior designers have been able to come up with different designs that can be incorporated into your home decor to fit your needs and preferences. These designs may be grouped into faux texture looks, vintage looks, illustration look and also an animal murale that will add nature’s touch to your kitchen. These designs will help you get the kitchen of your dreams but do not forget to add modern gadgets such as Quietest garbage disposals for the convenience you deserve.

Faux texture looks include an old white brick mural, grunge wood planks mural, blue marble mural, birch trunks wall mural, and bamboo forest mural. Vintage looks may consist of a vintage floral watercolor mural, vintage jungle illustration mural and racing boats in France mural. Illustration looks include Rome, Italy Travel Card mural and Food Market mural.

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Old white brick mural

The old white brick mural is a very classy design which incorporates old-school design to contemporary house design. This touch of class not only makes your kitchen look more than just a cooking space but also part of a larger stylish area.

Blue marble mural

Blue marble mural is a design that gives the client a touch of sophistication. This design makes the oceanic kitchen aspects that can be eye-catching to your visitors. This design also enables the client to freely invite your guests and dine with them in the kitchen because of the ambiance created by the mural. The blue Marble mural also has a touch of class that is consistent with most contemporary designs.

Grunge wood planks mural

Grunge wood planks mural when incorporated with contemporary home design produces touch sophistication. This mural gives the kitchen a cabin feels which is associated with a comfortable feel that is welcoming to the visitors and the owner. It provides the cooking ambiance as well as chilling and comfortable feel.

Birch trunks mural

Birch trunks mural is another design that can easily be fused with a home décor that is contemporary and modern. The birch trunks design adds to the class that is associated with modern design which is inviting to both the homeowner and his/her visitors.

Bamboo forest mural

Bamboo forest mural is a unique design that enables the homeowner to fuse urban or modern design with nature. This not only gives the owner a kitchen feels but also brings in nature. This design would be ideal for modern homeowners who also appreciate nature.

Vintage floral watercolor mural

This vintage look gives a touch of floral and aqua. It is a sophisticated design which incorporated with a modern design provides a touch of class.

Vintage jungle illustration

This design also enables the homeowner to merge aspects of nature and urban contemporary. The main aim is to appreciate nature and also make the room appear more cool and fun.

Racing boats in France mural

This is a fun vintage look that brings the aspect of fun and excitement to the kitchen. Murale design will help one to design and come up with such ideas.

Rome, Italy Travel card mural

This is a unique design that people who are into adventure and traveling can apply in their homes. They can be designed and customized according to the needs of the customer.

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