Some of the Best Services Offered by Car Detailing Shops 

Driving in a new car is arguably the best feeling in the world. The new car smell will welcome you as you sit inside the cabin. Even the car’s paint job will be shiny and almost mirror-like reflective.

However, the car’s paint job accumulates micro-scratches and starts looking dull as time passes. The interiors are also challenging to maintain, and since plastic is used in the interiors, it is prone to scratches.

So, even with regular cleaning, your new car will start looking old after a few months.

If you want to keep the car shining for a longer time, then you must consider getting a ceramic coating on the car. Modern-day ceramic coating is made from nanotechnology, making car maintenance easier for owners. Dust, dirt, and water particles can not stick to the car’s surface, making cleaning the car a breeze.

A detailing shop providing the best new car coating service will help you protect the paint job with ceramic, but they will offer various packages for the interiors. So, to get the best possible coating and services, you must visit only the reputed car detailing shops.

Here are some of the coating services offered by the best car detailing shop.

Ceramic coating for exterior

The car’s paint is fragile, and these days, many car manufacturers have started using water-based paints. While these kinds of paints are good for the environment, they do not stand well against the test of time. In a matter of months, you might notice some discoloration and chipping. Car manufacturers like Tesla use water-based paint for their vehicles.

By opting for ceramic coating for your car, you add a layer of protection on the surface that protects you from the atmospheric elements. This will keep your car’s water-based paint shining for a long time while protecting it from micro-scratches.

Coating for glass

Ceramic pro rain is a special coating with extreme hydrophobic properties that repel water from the windshield and windows of your vehicle.

The water will simply bead up and trickle down the windshield without leaving marks. This makes coating for glass quite useful if you wish to drive in the rainy season. There are high chances that you would even need to turn the windshield wipers on. You can also use Ceramic Coating For Selling Car.

Leather coating

The leather used on your car’s seats and dashboard is prone to aging and fading as time passes. But, the ceramic coating will form an additional layer on the leather which will slow down the leather’s aging process.

Moreover, the coating will protect the leather from staining.

Textile coating

Many cars come with textile or fabric seat covers. These seat covers are prone to staining, and their color often starts fading after some time.

The ceramic coating on the fabric seats makes the surface resistant to water. So, when any liquid comes in contact, it will roll off the surface.

When you visit a reputable detailing shop, they will provide the best new car coating service. They will even offer various plans to help you save money. So, rather than opting for each service individually, you will be able to choose a service package for more savings.

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