Steps to Dispose Of Diapers Properly

If you are a parent of a newborn, then you must be aware of how expensive diapers are and how many of them you are required to use constantly. One barely keeps track of how many diapers they are sending off to the landfill. 

Well, to give you a rough estimate, most babies go through two and a half thousand to three thousand diapers just in the first year of their life. Moreover, diapers account for at least two percent of the materials in the landfill. 

Most of the diapers available in the market at present are not recyclable and not even biodegradable. When thinking about decomposing a diaper, you must know that they are not decomposable since they are not made from entirely natural materials. This makes them a hazard to the environment since they will not return to earth anytime soon. The absorbent core of the diapers is made from a chemical known as Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP), which is a chemical and not a naturally occurring substance. 

Moreover, the top sheet is made from polyethylene and polyester, and the outer cover is often made from Lycra or Spandex. 

Since these baby products are made from synthetic materials, it makes decomposing a diaper impossible. However, this makes it even more important for one to be careful when disposing them of. 

So, here are some steps you can follow in disposing of a diaper. 

1. Dump the contents of the diaper into a toilet 

The first and most important step must be to dispose of the fecal matter in a toilet only as it is better disposed of in the sewage than in landfills. However, you should not simply toss it into the toilet as it might clog your sewage. You should gently rinse the matter into it and prepare the indecomposable diaper for disposal. 

2. Wrap up the diaper

The next step is to wrap up the diaper to secure the waste. You can do this by tolling the front of the diaper and tucking it towards the back of the diaper. You can use the adhesive tabs on the diaper to properly wrap it up. 

3. Place the diaper in a container

It is important that you keep the diapers in a closed container to prevent any odor from leaking. There are a plethora of options you can use to keep the diapers sealed. 

  • Diaper Pail – It is a wastebasket that is only designed to store dirty diapers. It is commonly kept near the changing table, and the diapers are collected in a plastic bag. 
  • Resealable bag – A plastic bag will prove beneficial to trap the smell from the diaper. It is a great option when you are traveling. 

4. Dispose of the diapers

Once you have kept the diaper in a sealed bag, the next thing you need to do is dispose of it. Ensure to not litter the sealed diaper bag on the street but to toss it in a proper dustbin at your home, outdoor garbage bag, or in a public trash can. Incorrectly disposed diapers get accumulated in landfills and pose serious environmental hazards. By disposing of the product appropriately, you can contribute towards conserving the environment significantly.  

5. Wash your hands

The last but crucial step in disposing of a diaper is thoroughly washing and sanitizing your hands. When you are disposing of a diaper, there are chances that the bacteria from the fecal matter might latch onto your hands. So, it is a good practice to always wash your hands with proper water and soap, or if you are out of the home, you must use a proper alcohol-based sanitizer. 

So, even if you are at home or out, it is important to ensure that you follow good hygiene practices when disposing of diapers. By adopting simple practices in one’s life, a significant positive impact can be made towards promoting environmental conservation and personal care. 

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