Trading Places: Leaving a Successful Career to Follow Your Dream

It’s a question that plagues the lives of many cubicle-dwellers. When is the right time to quit my day job and pursue my dream wholeheartedly? For some people, the answer is never since they don’t have the courage to give up a regular pay cheque. But the real answer is that it can be done, if you are properly prepared.

According to Vunela magazine, that means being financially stable and having a clear plan with what you want to do with your life. Some people quit their jobs without a clear plan and manage to complete their desired dreams. But it’s risky.

Another thing to consider: Have you maximized the opportunities in your current job? Your existing network might contain some surprises. Author Jeff Goins calls this “cultivating patrons” in his book, Real Artists Don’t Starve. Don’t underestimate the people around you. You never know what they can do until you get to know them more.

Matt Choi of Certus Trading moved from being the owner of a successful car dealership to pursue his dream to be a full-time market trader and trading educator. He says the dealership was a good business but had a low return on investment. Plus he wasn’t thrilled about being tied to a bricks-and-mortar operation, as it hampered his travel plans. On top of that, Matt Choi was doing well as a part-time trader and wanted to see how far he could take it.

“You should see the faces of my friends and family when I broke the news to them that I was selling the dealership and going to trade full time,” Matt Choi said in an interview. “They really thought I was crazy giving up a multi-million dollar business, and getting into trading … which to some of them, still to this day, think it is very risky.”

Importantly, by pursuing your dream, you’ll be spared the age-old “What if?” question. You’ll have no regrets and won’t be depressed thinking about what might have happened if you took a different path. Don’t be one of those people who were too afraid to take the leap and regret it all their lives.

The bottom line: pursuing a dream job or project is risky. But it probably beats the alternative. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always return to the working world. There are always full-time jobs available for go-getters, and by chasing a dream, you’ll become a go-getter.

According to Lifehack, success is waking up each morning, doing the work you love, being with the people you love and helping others does the same. That’s a fine goal to pursue.

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