What Does Happiness Feel Like? A Basic Guide

There are nearly 300 million people, worldwide, that suffer from depression. It’s not just in our heads, it causes nearly a million deaths annually. Fortunately for most, depression doesn’t have to last forever.

There’s a silver lining to everything. As long you pull that thread, you’ll be able to trace your way back to a happy and fulfilling life.

But those who have lived under a dark cloud for so long may be left questioning themselves. “I don’t remember, what does happiness feel like?” This is the answer to that question.

Waking Up With a Smile

One of the biggest indicators that you’re happy is that you’re glad to be awake. It might sound silly, but it’s the truth.

When you’re sad, all you want to sleep. But when you’re happy, all you want to do is live your best life. Excessive sleeping and the desire to be asleep is a symptom of clinical depression; it’s a way for those depressed to escape.

Waking up with a smile while boosting health and happiness.

Looking at Yourself in the Mirror 

Many people that suffer from mental anguish have a difficult time with their own image. This can be true metaphorically and literally.

Metaphorically, the depressed population isn’t happy with themselves. They have a negative image of who they are, what they’ve done, and where they’re going. Happiness is only achieved when they can find the good in themselves – perhaps acknowledging a good day’s work or complimenting yourself.

Depression can also alter a person’s own physical idealization of themselves. It’s almost like wearing an ugly mask that they can’t take off. But when they do, and they realize how beautiful they are, then that person is finally happy.

What Does Happiness Feel Like to Others

Those that aren’t happy have a hard time seeing it in others. They project a lot of their moods unto the rest of the world, typically as a way to cope.

But the rest of the world isn’t unhappy. Most people more often wear a smile than they do a frown. Until you can recognize happiness in yourself, you cannot identify it in others.

The Anger Just Slipped Away

People without joy substitute that missing piece with harsh, angry emotions. Unhappiness is like cancer that grows and possesses the body, removing all the goodness from the soul.

The best way how to know if you are happy is how you deal with the little things. Shrugging off the minuscule stuff is key to boosting health and happiness.

How do you react to that guy cutting you off in traffic? How about the woman that didn’t hold the door open for you? Shrugging off the little things is one of the signs of happiness.

Happiness for One, Happiness for All

The world is a devastatingly sad place. Depression has sunk its grizzly teeth into millions. Those people have to ask themselves, “what does happiness feel like?”

It feels like you can smile when you wake up and you can shrug off little inconveniences.

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