Which Oakland HVAC Service Professionals Replace Heater and AC Units?

Believe it or not, there are a lot more things in the Oakland area other than the Raiders. For example, you have the bustling night life, as well as numerous companies and contractors that can provide a plethora of service. But who should you call if you need your heater or AC unit replaced in Oakland? Well, in this post you’re going to find out, so you don’t ever have to go long without heating and cooling to keep you and your family safe and comfortable all year round.

Your Contracted HVAC Company Should Be Personable

When you go to a contractor’s website, you’re going to get a lot of information, and even be able to contact them online, often for a “free quote”. If you do this, you need to be a little leery of a contractor that can give you a quote without any questions being asked though. This means they’re offering services without knowing what you need, and this isn’t a good idea. However, if you provide more answers, and even get the right feedback, then this is generally okay once you build a relationship.

The best way is to schedule a consultation first, so you can get the right assessment and inspection on your home. When you meet your contractor, you want to look for someone who is personable and actually cares about your needs, and that can answer numerous questions (we’ll tell you what to ask for next). Not only that, but they shouldn’t treat you like an idiot just because you ask a question that someone else may know, but you don’t. Basically, they should treat you like part of the team.

What to Ask For

There are a few things you’ll want to ask first no matter what. Make sure that you say “Hey, do you have proof of insurance and your contractor’s license?” If they can’t answer this, then you should say thanks, and send them out the door. The best contractors will provide this at the drop of a hard hat.

You want a contractor that has experience in the field you need. If you’re needing a residential project done, or even a remodel of your home, you want to know that they’re just as qualified and specialize in residential HVAC solutions more, or at least equal to their commercial experience. You don’t want to deal with a contractor that only has a specialty in commercial when you’re needing your home’s heater or air conditioner replaced.

Ask About Energy Efficiency

When you hire that contractor, you want to know that they are concerned with your energy efficiency in your home. Because of this, make sure that they offer energy efficient parts, labor, and even provide a free energy assessment (most do this before they start working).


In the Oakland area, if you ever need emergency, or even scheduled replacement of your old AC unit or central air furnace, then you’ll want to contact hasslerheating.com/city/oakland-hvac-services for all of your needs.