Why does your restaurant kitchen need hood cleaning?

If you own a restaurant or a business with a commercial kitchen, it’s crucial to ensure that all the equipment in your kitchen is nicely brought up. When it comes to large items, like kitchen hoods, you should be given your time & resources for kitchen hood cleaning. Whereas it may seem like an insignificant task, it could even save your life & your restaurant. 

Maintenance & cleaning of your restaurant hoods consistently is one of the initial defenses against fire incidents, which absorb hot air & smoke from the kitchen. Fire safety is the main justification for kitchen hood cleaning. Grease buildup in the system may occur without thorough cleaning. Eventually, this buildup might trigger accidents that completely turn houses and kitchens into dangerous spots. So, accidents can be avoided by constantly cleaning the restaurant kitchen hood so everyone can stay safe.

As you know, grease, fats & oils can get consumed in your restaurant hoods. Over time, grease & flammable residues & effluent can build up on your hood, becoming a danger of its own. The more the hood absorbs fire-triggering stuff, the more it’ll be risky for your restaurant and also for you, your guests, and your staff. If you want this doesn’t happen in your restaurant, you will need to clean them gradually. It would be best if you reduced their efficiency & turned them into safety hazards.

Types of hood systems

Several types of hood systems are used in restaurants and are available in different styles. The two most eminent types are:

  • Type I (are used for removing grease & smoke, including grease filters)
  • Type II (are used for collecting & removing steam, vapor, humidity & odors, extracting potential fire hazards)

A dirty, greasy hood in your restaurant leads to a fire risk. It is prone to catching fire, and to prevent it, as mentioned before needs to be cleaned up with accurate ventilation. Too much grease can significantly enhance the chances of a fire in the kitchen. Cleaning your kitchen hoods depends on how busy your kitchen is. If you don’t clean your hoods, sometimes it’ll cause big trouble for you.

However, selecting the right equipment for cleaning your hoods & the ducts is the main key. When you don’t clean your hoods for a long time, grease & other dirt can build up in the ducts. Reaching there can be hard. Make sure the greaser in the ducts should be cleaned. It would be best to keep special equipment to clean every little part of the hood. A perfect, healthy & hygienic restaurant relies upon cleaning the kitchen hood & outlets effectively.

How often does your hood need to be cleaned?

As a restaurant owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your customers & staff from any disaster. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 96 Standard warns to keep your kitchen exhaust system cleaned professionally once a month or a year, surveilling the cooking frequency and fuel usage volume.

As you can clearly understand, restaurant kitchen hood cleaning is highly essential, not only for the kitchen but also for the health and safety of everyone involved there. Contact hood cleaners restaurant and ensure that the chefs & other staff members have access to safe working conditions. Give your customers a safe place to eat where they can relax & enjoy their time.

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