Why You Should Reduce Home Clutter Before You Move

If you are about to prepare for a move, you are probably already aware of the eye-watering costs of relocating. The average cost of moving house locally in the US is $1,250, but this rises to $4,890 for those who are moving long-distance. Although this might seem like a panic-inducing amount of money, there is no need to panic.

There are many easy ways to reduce the costs of moving and ensure that you pay as little as possible for a stress-free move. One such way is to effectively remove home clutter as part of your moving preparation. If you are not convinced, read on to find out exactly why you should reduce home clutter before you move. 

  1. Greatly Reduce the Cost of Moving

Put simply, the more stuff you have, the more you will have to pay to move it. Moving companies are paid according to the weight and fragility of the goods that they have to transport. This means that you could be paying through the nose to move a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need to a new house. That is why you should declutter your home before you begin the moving process.

  1. Less Home Clutter Means an Easier Move

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can go through. That is why you should prepare for a move by making it as smooth and simple as possible. Working to reduce clutter is one easy way to do this. Instead of making the move more complicated than it needs to be, simply hire a junk removal company to clear all of your unwanted clutter away before the move starts. 

  1. Only Keep the Things That Matter

If you are looking to downsize your home, you will need to cut a lot of things loose. The act of decluttering can be a very useful mental exercise that gives you the opportunity to decide which of your possessions actually matters to you and which ones you do not need. This decluttering can help you reset your relationship with your possessions and only hang on to the things that spark joy, as they say. 

  1. Make Your Home Easier to Sell 

This one is a no-brainer. A cluttered home will typically not look very appealing on a realtor’s website. That is why home staging is so important when it comes to selling your home for the price that you deserve. If you de-clutter your home, you instantly make your home look more appealing and make the realtor’s job a whole lot easier. 

  1. Make Moving in Easier

Finally, it is important to consider the benefits of decluttering when you move into your new home. Decluttering means there is always going to be less to unpack. It also means that you will likely have more space in your new home than you initially realized. This is space that you can use however you want, in order to make your new house feel truly like a home. 

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