3 Cool Aspects of Mid-Century Modern Decor

After World War Two ended, America hit the right spot of economic growth.  Jobs were easy to find, money was easy to make, and interior design had to reflect it somehow it never got to before!  Mid-century modern was created off the dreams of the space race and bought by everybody who wanted some of their hopes for the future to be brought into their home.  Although it’s considered vintage and retro now, this style still shines through as one of the most recognizable futuristic looks.  When you’re looking at this design type, three main things will stand out to you; here’s what they are and why they catch your eye.


Lamps had almost always had one main look.  Simple lamp bases with large shades over them sat beside nearly every bed and couch and lit family homes since electricity had been brought into them.  In the late 1950s, early 1960s, that changed!  Suddenly chandeliers weren’t just endless beads and diamonds made of glass; they morphed into art pieces that you could suspend above your head.  Tabletop lamps also took a new form, creating the question of when something stops being a lamp and starts being a usable art piece.  Although these are easy to get for yourself, make sure you get details that match well together.  There are so many kinds of lamps- and what matters is the silhouette.


The shape of the items you owned in this era said a lot about you.  This era had many experimental silhouettes for everything from lamps to furniture and allowed people to imagine a home that had never been lived in before.  The designs were nearly alien back then but now have settled into a smooth and sleek look that’s easily recognizable. Exciting angles in bookshelves, curved and funky countertops, and couches that looked like they belonged in an art photoshoot instead of a living room were all high fashion.  Skinny legs help up most furniture, adding room and space to any home area to make it seem larger.  The wood finishing was polished, and that’s not where texture stopped.  


The texture of mid-century modern decor is sleek but comfortable.  You want smooth lines that you can skin your fingers across and enjoy the comfort of a couch that you could vanish into.  Instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed by the noise and fun colors that come in the 1970s, mid-century modern is minimalist in a way that didn’t come back into style until the early 2000s.  The furniture makes you want to touch it and draws the eyes in a pleasing way that makes every look high class, even if it’s just Ikea.  This type of design is popular in house staging; it could make you want to look at more Indianapolis houses for sale, even if you live in Dallas, Texas. 

This type of decor isn’t for everyone, but it’s fun and exciting for those who love it!  Following these three aspects can help make any home feel a little more modern.

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