3 Reasons Why You Should Combine Home and Auto Insurance

Did you know that there are nearly 6,000 insurance companies in America?

With so many companies and policy options, it can be overwhelming when you’re looking for the best home and auto insurance quotes. Fortunately, there is an easier approach to getting the coverage you need.

Read on to learn the 3 reasons why you should combine home and auto insurance!

  1. Save Time and Money 

Looking for the best insurance for auto and home combined? You may be able to score some of the cheapest home and auto insurance by bundling. You could be looking at discounts of up to 20%.

And it pays to shop around. Use aggregator websites to compare prices across multiples insurance company bundles. Turn to Bryson Insurance to get policy quotes quickly.

In some instances, both your home and car may sustain damage after a storm rolls through town. If you need to file a claim, one insurance agent can help you through the process of addressing both your car and home. This improves efficiency with the paperwork and ensures easier communication.

  1. Combine Home and Auto Insurance to Combine Payments

When you’re trying to keep a budget and track monthly expenses, any help is welcome. And when you’re already managing credit card payments, student loans, and a mortgage, you want to minimize how many new payments you add.

The beauty of bundling is that you add just one new payment responsibility. You won’t need to deal with multiple new account user names or passwords. You may be able to have just one deductible, too.

And you can always add other policies. Most insurance companies offer many bundling options to cover anything from rental properties to boats. You may want to consider term life insurance or floater policies to cover expensive heirlooms or wedding rings.

  1. Show Your Loyalty to Gain Perks

When you combine auto and home insurance, you demonstrate loyalty to the insurance company. And if you stay with the company over many years, you’ll develop a stronger connection with a particular agent. This can translate into rewards and deep discounts.

For instance, the insurance company could reward you with a discount when you renew a policy. If you maintain a good driving record free of tickets, you can see discounts on auto insurance. Similarly, if you have multiple cars, you may get a better rate by bundling them together.

You’ll probably get friendlier and more efficient customer service when filing claims, too. You’ll only have to deal with one adjuster and claim if you experience an incident affecting both your home and car. And even though filing many claims can be a red flag, a company is less likely to drop you if you’re giving them all of your insurance-related business.

Bundle Auto and Home Insurance Today

Combine home and auto insurance to streamline the payment process. As a bonus, you may be able to get a better deal by giving your business to one insurance company. You won’t have to manage as much paperwork, either.

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