4 Dangerous Home Repairs You Should Never Handle on Your Own!

“What’s the worst thing that can happen” is probably the last sentence uttered by every homeowner who got seriously injured trying to fix a seemingly effortless issue. The same sentence, along with “how hard can it be” is the motto for many DIY enthusiasts, but cannot be further from the truth.

Of course, changing a light bulb or fixing a leaky faucet are skills every homeowner should have. Into the bargain, how to Become an Electrician is not a difficult task, But the latest DIY madness that’s spreading across the US sees homeowners tackling tasks they have neither the knowledge nor the equipment to handle.

Sure, that guy on YouTube might make it seem easy, but considering all the consequences, homeowners should leave some tasks in the hands of skilled professionals. Of course, we live in a time when every cent counts, and you can’t blame homeowners for trying to save a couple of bucks. However, dealing with some of these issues with no experience might only bring more expensive repairs, remodels and damage control.

You need no further proof than walking through a home an amateur remodeled. It is likely filled with squeaky floors and cracked walls. But while these issues are purely aesthetic, poor plumbing or wiring can cause a devastating disaster. Attempting certain projects or repairs can be dangerous to you and your home.

In this article, we’ve picked five most common house tasks you’d best leave to a professional.

Mold Removal

If you find mold in your home, no matter how small the area affected is you should always hire a mold expert to help you rid your home of this pest for numerous reasons. The first is that if not properly taken care of, mold can spread at an alarming rate. Furthermore, trying to forcibly remove the mold, for example by tearing off the wallpapers infested by it or trying to vacuum it will only help it spread by releasing its spores into the air.

Numerous articles on the internet, as well as knowledge passed on through generations, suggest using methods such as bleach to get rid of mold. But not only is the blech ineffective in most cases, it can also be dangerous to your health. Bleach might only help remove the surface layer of mold, but the roots remain untouched and will eventually break out again.

Cleaning mold involves numerous health precautions, including using protective clothing and special mold removal equipment. Certain mold spores are toxic and can be extremely dangerous for your health, especially if someone in your family is allergic to mold.

Moreover, you can use Coloured Epoxy Coating for heavy duty floor coating. This can solve your many problems.

Plumbing Issues

You might not consider water a threat, but it is a powerful force that once unleashed cannot be stopped easily. Even a small leak could lead to inconceivable damage and costly remodels and repairs if not addressed in time.

Naturally, feel free to tackle some issues such as replacing a faucet or the shower head, or even installing a new toilet if you’re that confident in your abilities. But what you shouldn’t do is trying to make adjustments to your current plumbing system like extending hot water pipes or re-routing the sewer lines.

For a task like this, you’ll need special equipment like a blow torch as well as experience using it. While not as dangerous as messing with electricity, plumbing can still have serious precautions, which is why it’s best left to experts.

Electrical Repairs

You should be careful with any project involving electricity, even replacing the lightbulb, installing a ceiling fan or replacing a light switch. That means making sure the power is off before you start. You should always test the switch against the breaker to make sure there’s no current. If you’re not as experienced, just turn off the master switch.

But if the project involves more than replacing a fixture, you should get in touch with a skilled electrician. Some electrical repairs require a permit, in which case you have no other choice than to call a professional.

Projects such as replacing or extending your circuits can be dangerous if you’re not skilled enough and could lead to injury or death. Even if the danger is not immediate, poor electrical installation could easily burn your house down with no warning.

Fixing Gas Appliances

Usually, there are a couple of appliances in every home that rely on gas such as the oven, hot water heater or clothes dryer. With gas, it’s not just the repairs that pose a risk. Even moving your stove to fix the flooring underneath could lead to a disaster. By the way, if you need hot water heater repair in NYC, you can google it.

The project most homeowners choose to tackle themselves is replacing the water heater. This is also one of the most likely accident scenarios. Much like water, gas can find its way through anything and one mistake, when cutting the gas supply line or hooking it back on, could be disastrous and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. If you need help, you can visit http://pittsburghappliancerepairs.com/the-appliance-brands-we-repair/.

The fact that more than 400 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning annually tells you how serious this problem is and how often people feel too comfortable around a gas line.