4 Must-Do Tips for Growing a YouTube Channel


From getting people to subscribe to earning ad revenue, mastering YouTube can be complicated. Read our tips for growing a YouTube channel today!

There’s no other way around it: people spend a lot of time watching videos online. The web still provides an amazing place to interact with and grow an audience if you are making engaging video content.

Growing a YouTube Channel can a challenging task with all the competition that is out there. However, it can be a worthy one, as a channel with a large audience can increase brand awareness, create a lasting relationship with consumers, and even create ad revenue.

What do you need to be doing if you’re attempting to see your YouTube audience grow? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know.

1. Engage With Your Viewers

YouTube is a great platform to make videos and be seen. However, in the midst of making all of these kinds of videos, it’s important not to forget that their is a social aspect to the popular website as well.

If you really want to create a bond with your listeners, it’s important to keep some level of interaction in mind. Encouraging comments and discussion are just one of many ways you can push the idea of engagement with your viewers.

The more engaged and involved you make your viewers, the more time they’ll likely come to spend on your channel. This is key if you want to create dedicated, repeat viewers (the kind of viewer that really makes a channel grow in popularity). 

You can do a lot to encourage this kind of behavior. If you can, try to respond to every comment you receive on your videos. Having the creator of the video respond back to them can make a commenter feel more part of your project. They’ll be more inclined to return and post again.  

2. One Video, One Topic

Clarity is key if you hope to draw people in and create a YouTube channel with a decent following. Clarity is key for driving the kind of traffic that you want. If you can keep your videos based around a single topic or keyword it can go a long way towards getting more eyes on your videos.

SEO has to do a lot more with video success than most people realize. A proper SEO strategy for your YouTube videos can help get the max amount of views. The more views you get, the more shares and subscribers you’ll amass. This is key.

Research your specific audience and see what kinds of things they are looking for. It’s helpful to do this kind of research and look into your keywords prior to making your videos. This can help you to figure out what to focus on.

You’ll also then be able to make sure you include your given keyword within the video yourself. Believe it or not, YouTube can actually pick up things you say through the closed-captioning system. It can use that information to push your video into search result topics.

Optimize your titles and descriptions and keep your video short and sweet. Instead of swapping to another topic, keep that one in your pocket for another video.

3. Focus on Thumbnails

You know what a thumbnail is: it’s that very small little image in the corner of the screen that advertises to YouTubers what other videos they may want to watch.

This little image has an immense amount of power, however, and it should not be understated. Your video will be there amongst a whole series of other creators and images, and you want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

You probably know from your own personal experience that you’re more likely to click on a video if it has a quality and interesting image to go with it. If you’re not getting the numbers you want on your videos, the image you’ve chosen as your thumbnail might have something to do with it.

Using large text, arrows, or interesting coloring are just a few tactics you can try to make your thumbnails stand out. Remember when creating your thumbnail that the images will first appeal to the viewer very small — make sure what you’re creating will work just as well in this micro size!

4. Practice Makes Perfect

You need to really show up as a video creator. It’s a lot of work to get into the swing of creating engaging video content that people want to return to. You’re not going to create a perfect video your first time or even your first ten times if we’re being quite honest.

If you really want to grow your channel you need to be hard on yourself and be constantly focused on improving your information, presentation, and overall charm.

Think of it as an athlete might. Download your videos using a site like https://setapp.com/how-to/convert-youtube-to-mp3 and watch them back, seeing where you’re excelling and what areas of your presentation might be a little weak.

Make a list of things to work on and improve on and go over them prior to making every new video. Chart your progress and seek advice on areas you’re still having trouble with.

You might never achieve perfection but always striving towards it can push the quality of your videos much higher than they would be otherwise. Better videos mean a bigger audience at the end of the day.

Tips on Growing a YouTube Channel

Mastering the art of growing an audience online can be a challenge for everyone. This is especially true today, with so much online competition out there. The above tips on growing a YouTube channel can put you on track towards success.

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