5 Commercial Roofing Problems No Business Owner Should Ignore

Did you know that the average cost to replace a commercial roof is $42,500? That alone really makes a good case for staying on top of roof maintenance. Time, weather, faulty installation, and the age of a roof can all contribute to its inevitable deterioration.

If your roof starts to show any of these signs below, don’t wait to repair it. Protect this important investment by identifying and repairing these common roofing problems. Here’s a list of issues that you don’t want to ignore.

Roofing Problems From the Weather

Whether your building suffers from too much sun, snowstorms, hail, wind, or rain, the weather will always take a toll on your roof. The elements can damage the materials and compromise the integrity of them.

Rain erodes the surface, and the wind sweeps leaves and other debris into drains, leading to clogs. Too much sun cracks the surface, and accumulating snow can actually cause a roof to collapse. So it’s important that you learn how to protect your roof from severe weather and check on it at the change of every season.

Improper Installation

If your roof was improperly installed, you could be dealing with a whole slew of roof problems. One of the biggest commercial roofing problems is due to a contractor that didn’t understand how to properly install the complex layers that are typical in commercial roofing. If the layers were not prepared correctly before the adhesive was applied, then they might not work properly.

Roof Leaks

If you’ve noticed any kind of leak, even if it’s a small one, it’s important to get it looked at immediately. Leaks are easy to miss. And many roofs can leak for months before it is noticed, causing significant damage.

Also check for stains, which can be an indication of a leaky roof. When moisture gets in, it can lead to mold. So if you smell or see mold anywhere, be sure to get it taken care of before it compromises your health and the safety of the building.

Problematic Service and Repairs

If you’ve had repairs done to your roof, that may be part of the problem. Foot traffic on a flat, commercial roof can cause wear and tear that wrecks the insulation and more. One more challenge is ponding, which is standing water that collects due to improper drainage.

Another cause for concern is improperly installed or missing flashing, which is needed to protect areas where a vertical surface meets the roof plane. All of this can cause premature roof failure, so you should consider hiring this local roofer to do an inspection and correct any damage.

Protect Your Roof

With routine inspections and maintenance, you can help save your roof from potentially costly repairs and future roofing problems. Troubleshoot any current issues with this handy list, and get on the repairs, stat. And if you are interested in learning more about similar topics, check out these here.

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