5 Crucial Motorcycle Riding Tips for Beginners

There is a record-breaking number of motorcycles on our roads. In fact, over 12 million motorcycles are in use in the United States today.  

If you’ve always wanted to ride a motorcycle, then now is the time to do it, but getting your license is the easy part. Maneuvering a heavy bike requires a combination of physical skill, balance, mechanics, and most importantly, knowledge.

To help you out, we’ve put together these handy motorcycle riding tips for beginners. You’ll be a seasoned rider in no time!

  1. Motorcycle Gear

Riding a motorcycle is very dangerous. Before you hop on a bike, you need to protect your most important asset, your body.

Research shows that wearing a helmet will reduce your risk of being killed in a motorcycle accident by around 37 percent.

The next item you need is gloves. If you fall off your bike, your natural instinct is to stop your fall with your hands. This can cause serious damage if you are traveling at high speeds. Check out this website for a wide variety of quality men’s and women’s gloves.

A motorcycle jacket isn’t just for looks. It protects you from the elements and saves you from serious road rash in the event of a collision. Motorcycle gear like pants and boots will also protect your skin if you crash or fall off your bike.

  1. Situational Awareness

You’ll hear this phrase quoted over and over again; when you’re riding a motorcycle, assume you are invisible. Inattentive drivers on their cell phones, drivers who haven’t spotted you in their car mirrors, or people who open car doors without looking first all pose a danger to you.

If your bike collides with a car, it’ll be a lot more serious than a simple fender bender. Therefore, one of the most important motorcycle safety tips is to assume that people can’t see you.

  1. Choose the Correct Line

Turning a corner on a motorcycle isn’t as simple as moving the handlebars. You have to take into account your lean angle and entry speed. You also need to remember that you can’t break in the middle of a turn as this causes your bike to straighten up too soon.

If in doubt, follow a racing line. Approach the corner from a wide-angle, cut in tight through the apex of the corner, and then exit wide.

  1. Countersteering

Countersteering can seem a bit backward to beginners. Essentially, if you want your bike to go to the left, you actually need to turn to the right. As a beginner, this is something you need to practice over and over again until it becomes muscle memory.

It’s also important to remember that your body weight follows your head, and in turn, your bike follows your body weight. If you’re peering around, trying to get a better look at an accident, you might find yourself heading straight for it.

  1. Ease Into It

As tempting as buying a beefy, kitted-up motorcycle, you should start out on a smaller, more maneuverable bike.  Once you’ve built up your skills and confidence, you can upgrade to a more powerful machine.

An early accident will only ruin your confidence. When learning how to ride a motorcycle, take it slow at first so that you can truly enjoy your motorcycle later on.

A good place to start is by brushing up on your motorcycle slang

Get a Headstart With These Motorcycle Riding Tips for Beginners

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road with two wheels beneath you and the wind on your face. Use these motorcycle riding tips for beginners to ensure your ride is controlled and enjoyable.

And remember, keep the rubber side down. 

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