5 Crucial Things to Know Before Buying a Used Car

There are several things to know before buying a used car. This guide lists 5 crucial things to know before buying a used car.

Is there anything more stressful than buying a car?

Even harder, if you’re buying a secondhand car, you may worry that you’re purchasing a car with big problems, which can lead to big mechanic bills. However, with a bit of preparation, you can inspect and research your potential new vehicle before making a purchase. If you’re getting started in the search for a vehicle, here are the things to know before buying a used car.

  1. Get a Vehicle History Report

One of our top tips for buying a used car is to order a vehicle history report. Used cars may have had multiple owners, and you don’t necessarily know the car’s history. Has it been involved in major accidents? Was it ever reported stolen? Sometimes, if a car seems too good to be true, there’s a reason why. The small cost of a vehicle history report is worth it so that you know you’re buying a reliable car with a good history.

  1. Check Out Insurance Costs Before Purchasing

Wondering what to know when buying a used car? If so, insurance is one of the most important things to think about. Before purchasing a car, speak to several auto insurance companies to get quotes for insurance. You want to make sure the insurance costs are within your budget, otherwise, you’ll be left with expensive payments each month.

Insurance costs vary widely based on your age, driver history, location, and the make and model of the car.

  1. Have a Mechanic Look it Over

Once you’re reviewed a selection of used cars and you’ve found one you like, it’s a good idea to have a mechanic look it over. An auto expert can look under the hood and check the engine, transmission, and the car’s systems to check that they are in good condition. If they find any red flags, it can mean huge repair bills for you in the near future.

  1. Ask to See Service History

The seller of the car should be able to provide records of the car’s annual servicing, along with regular oil changes and any major repair work. Always ask to see the service records, as it’s great evidence that the previous owners looked after the car and kept it in good condition. If there’s no mechanic receipts or history, it may be that the previous owners didn’t look after it well.

  1. One of the Things to Know before Buying a Used Car Is That You Can Negotiate

You may not realize it, but used car prices are almost always negotiable. The seller likely just wants to get rid of the car and put the money towards something else, so don’t be afraid to make a counter-offer. While you may not get the price as low as you’d like, you may still be able to lower the price slightly.

Find Your Perfect Used Car Today

Now that you’re familiar with the top things to know before buying a used car, you can find the perfect car for your needs and budget. Use the tips above when shopping for a car, as they’ll help you avoid any lemons or vehicles that need a lot of work done. Cars bring us lots of fun, convenience, and freedom, but put the time into researching any car before making the purchase—otherwise, you might regret it.

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