Things to Know About Fuel Pump Troubleshooting

There are many car owners out there who do not know how their car works. All they know is to put gas in their cars and drive. However, when the car suddenly dies on them, they are clueless about what is wrong and will have their vehicle repaired by a mechanic. Therefore, car owners need to know a thing or two on how to troubleshoot car problems and when to purchase and replace car parts such as a Walbro fuel pump.

The key to understanding, if your car is having problems or not, is to listen to it regularly and understand how it functions daily. Is your vehicle producing a low steady purring sound, or does it make rattling noises from time to time? Knowing how your car runs will save you from spending too much money on a mechanic. An essential fact you should be aware of is your car’s fuel pump.

What is a Fuel Pump?

A fuel pump is an electro-mechanical device that controls the fuel’s flow from your gas tank towards the fuel filter and fuel rail. The fuel will then get distributed to the fuel injectors which will spray fuel into your car engine’s cylinder for combustion. For older vehicles, the fuel pump’s purpose is to control fuel flow from the tank to the carburetor.

Fuel pumps are not part of the consumables that need to be replaced during regular car maintenance where oil filters are replaced. Fuel pumps may last as long as your car if they are properly maintained. However, you may need to replace your old fuel pump with a new Walbro fuel pump when it stops working properly.

How to Tell if Your Fuel Pump is Acting Up

The following symptoms may be caused by a fuel pump that is acting up. However, other factors may also contribute to them.

  • The car will not start. One of the main reasons your car will not start even if it has electricity is the lack of fuel combusted in your engine’s cylinders. When your car’s cylinders are not getting enough fuel, your fuel pump needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Car sputters and dies. Your car has a rough start, then sputters and dies on you. Your engine is not getting enough fuel even if you have a full load of gas. This problem may be related to a damaged fuel pump.
  • Inconsistent acceleration. When your car suddenly accelerates without your input, there might be an excess flow of fuel to your cylinders which creates this sudden acceleration. This problem is related to your fuel pump not being able to regulate and control fuel flow into your engine.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency. If you observe that your car is suddenly becoming inefficient with its fuel consumption, then your fuel pump may be sending more than usual fuel into your engine.

How to Check If Your Fuel Pump is Still Working

The fuel pump of your car is usually located inside your fuel tank. The best way to check if it is still running is to listen. You will need to open your fuel cap and turn the car’s ignition on. You should be able to hear a low humming or whirling sound. If you cannot hear any sound, your fuel pump is not turning on, and you may need to replace it with a new fuel pump.

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