5 Driving Jobs for People Who Love Life Behind the Wheel

According to a 2019 report, drivers spend an average of 54 hours per year in traffic. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid for it?

Whether you’re looking for something part or full-time, there are tons of driving jobs to make every schedule and personality type.

Want to learn more? Then keep reading as we explore five of the best driving jobs out there.

  1. Amazon Delivery Driver

At this point, most people get at least a few Amazon deliveries each week. But we don’t stop too often and think about the delivery drivers that make that possible.

While Amazon isn’t the most worker-friendly company, to say the least, there’s value in job security. And rest assured, Amazon isn’t going anywhere, so it’s one of the few car driving jobs that you’ll have for as long as you like.

Plus, there’s something zen about driving the same routes every day. It’s a great opportunity to catch up on audiobooks, podcasts, or that great new Spotify playlist you’ve meant to dig into.

  1. Uber/Uber Eats

The latest estimates show that Uber wrapped its last quarter with $5.78 billion in revenue, with company growth expected to continue. Now is a great time to hop in your car and start working for the rideshare giant.

You’ll get to set your own hours, meet new people, and make a decent chunk of change in the process.

Uber also runs specials for its workers, with higher rates in densely populated areas or traffic-heavy hours.

  1. Driving Instructor

Want to find driving careers where you can inspire others? Look into driving instructor jobs and teach the next generation of drivers at your local traffic school.

Helping students learn the ins and outs of the road is a great way to ensure our roads are safe. Also, like Amazon, it’s one of the most consistent jobs that involve driving cars. You’ll always have work.

  1. Truck Driver

Maybe you’re not that interested in sticking close to home. Maybe you’d rather explore the country — and get paid while doing it. If that sounds interesting to you, truck driving jobs are right up your alley!

Truck driving companies are always hiring, so there’s likely a spot for you.

  1. Taxi Driver

Though we’re firmly in the age of Uber, the number of taxi drivers in America has tripled within the last few years!

Working with a taxi service comes with a few perks that driving with Uber doesn’t.

For instance, some companies offer a minimum wage. So even if you’re not picking up a ton of customers on your shift, you’ll still be able to make money.

The taxi service will also cover the cost of maintenance on your vehicles, which is huge if you’re driving an old vehicle that breaks down every few months.

Steer Your Career Into One of These Great Driving Jobs

As you can see, there are plenty of great options for those interested in driving jobs. So get some gas, buckle in, and fire up your playlist, because it’s time to make some money!

For more info on elevating your career, make sure to check back with our blog!

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