The 3 top traits of a successful Facility Manager

Whether the building is residential or commercial, keeping it clean and in a pristine condition is one of the main things all facility managers need to be good at. The upkeep requires a lot of attention to detail to prevent health and safety issues from becoming hazardous for residents or property owners. The Busters Group specialises in facility management services and having fully competent staff is most crucial to the success of its management system. Specialising in bird control, pest control, The Busters group have a range of services to cover their customer’s needs.

Facility managers need full training

Fully trained facility managers are the most important factor in providing facility management services. When a facility manager is required to oversee a building,  they need to have a complete understanding of the properties floor plan and shortfalls to facilitate and ensure functionality and environmental safety. Being completely equipped with all the correct information will help them to perform a task in a shorter period and with the right equipment, preventing unnecessary hazards or shortfalls in service.

They need to be able to handle a team of staff

Delegating tasks to members of staff can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t have the experience or the confidence to issue duties daily. Management in itself can be hard, but facilitating a property requires a stern and diplomatic approach to guarantee that all tasks are performed at full capacity and that nothing is left undone. Not being able to generate discipline from subordinates can cause problems if it affects the level of functionality in the health and safety of the job. Soft facilities management services need to be diplomatic at all times and are vital for staff to perform at their best

They need to be aware of financial expenditures

Managing a property or site on behalf of an organisation or corporation requires knowledge of the expenses that owners will be responsible for. Being completely informed of the costs of facilitating the property involves checking in on available space to rent or lease, managing budgets for repairs and renovation and keeping a written record of alterations and functions on the property for both the buildings and the staff members who all work on site. Things like heating, water and technological connections form part of the financial expenditures that facility management services need to be aware of. Making sure that camera systems are in place and the cost of their repair when they are faulty, making sure that all water faucets are fully operational and that sufficient heating is available in the correct areas.

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