5 Easy Water Treatment Techniques for Healthy Drinking Water

If you’re concerned about your tap water, you’re not alone. Over 785 million people today don’t have access to a clean water service, according to the World Health Organization.

Buying plastic bottles gets expensive, and it isn’t good for the environment. The best solution is to learn how to purify your own water at home so it is safe to drink!

Let’s talk about how to purify water at home so you don’t have to worry.

How to Purify Water at Home

There are many ways to purify water at home. The problem is that some of them may cost more than others, some may be more effective, and some may come with some risks of their own. Let’s find out which method is right for you!

  1. Boiling

This is the most common method of ensuring the safety of your drinking water. Boiling your water kills off any and all bacteria that may be living in there.

While this is a popular option, the downsides are that boiling uses fuel, takes a while, and needs to cool down to be drunk properly. Also, you will need to filter out any solid bits before boiling it, especially if it came from an untrustworthy water source.

  1. Chlorine Drops

This method is cheap and affordable, as chlorine will kill any bacteria in the water. However, you must remember there is a 30 minute waiting period before it is safe to drink, and that too much chlorine will make the water poisonous. Be sure to use the recommended amounts.

  1. Ultraviolet Light

This looks just like your typical flashlight, but shining it around through the water will actually kill the bacteria within a couple of minutes.

This may feel like a magic trick while you’re doing it, however, you still need to filter out the big pieces with this method, and it will take batteries to operate.

  1. Get a Rainwater Tank

These tanks harvest rainwater for grade A drinking water for your household. There are several different options based on your level of water usage, and better yet, you won’t be paying a water bill!

For more information, go to https://www.watertankfactory.com.au/water-tanks-sydney/

  1. Use a Water Filter

Water filters will remove bacteria in water.

The problem is that the continuous use of this is quite expensive. The filters don’t last too long.

Stay Hydrated, Folks!

It’s scary to imagine how many people live without access to clean water. Let’s try to close that gap.

Now that you know some simple tips on how to purify water at home, make sure that the water that you’re drinking is safe, and don’t forget to drink plenty of it!

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