Masseuse vs Massage Therapist: What Are the Differences?

In 2018, more than 47.5 million people received a total of 214 million massages in the United States. Of those people, 88% agree that massage therapy has helped reduce pain.

Perhaps you got into an accident and messed up your muscles badly. You may want to visit a masseuse to help relieve stress or get that medical issue checked out.

But do you see a masseuse or a massage therapist? Is there a difference between a masseuse vs massage therapist?

Read on to learn more about them and what they do.

Masseuse vs Massage Therapist – Different but Similar

A masseuse is French for female massage practitioners. In contrast, a male would be a masseur. But since the word “masseuse” has been used for different connotations relating to intimacy, most people have thought of them as massages aimed at men (sometimes used for sexual favors).

Because of this, the label of a masseuse gives massage therapists a lousy reputation when trying to run a medical practice. But in other words, a masseuse is the same as a massage therapist.

Then what is a massage therapist?

To start, a masseuse and massage therapist must undergo the same amount of training that requires several weeks or hours to complete. It varies in each country and state.

From there, they get certified and licensed to practice massage in their chosen specialization. But those different massage therapies require other training, so the massage therapists must continue with that education.

Different Types of Masseuses and Massage Therapists

A massage therapist can specialize in many areas, from relaxation to medical therapy. The relaxation can be deep tissue massage or hot stones. For medical massage therapy, an example could be sports and reflexology massage.


Going deeper with relaxing massage therapy can be for anybody looking to go out for a spa day. It can include a Swedish massage for newer people or aromatherapy to help reduce stress and muscle strain. Massage therapists can help out with any relaxing styles.

Other times, a relaxing massage can be intimate and sensual. It can be a full body massage, body-to-body massage, Nuru massage, and sometimes more.

With these services, you’ll have to let the masseuse guide you for the whole experience. Some other services may offer more than a massage. Places like┬ácan provide special services for anybody who wants to change their sex life and find a new way to relax.

Relax and Discover More

The main point of a masseuse vs massage therapist is that they are very similar to each other than others may think. A masseuse is a female massage practitioner where many people misuse the word “masseuse.” A massage therapist incorporates everybody who is a massage practitioner.

Essentially, a masseuse and a massage therapist are the same people. They have to go through the same training and can branch off to specialize in sports medicine or spa relaxation, which can also require more training.

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