5 Jaw-Droppingly Amazing Backyard Transformation Ideas

When you’re ready to upgrade your backyard, where do you even begin? From lush plantings to a new pool, there are backyard makeover ideas for every budget. The tough part is figuring which option works best in your space.

Keep reading to find 5 amazing ideas to create the backyard transformation you crave!

  1. Transform Your Backyard with New Furniture

Is your backyard furniture drab and dated? A fresh loveseat with some new throw pillows in bold colors can make your backyard a welcoming sanctuary. On a warm summer day, you’ll love relaxing with a good book on a recliner. Or you can host a summer party around a stunning glass table. 

A good-looking patio can work wonders if you’re trying to sell your home, too. If you scale your set to your backyard, you can make a modest patch of grass look bigger!

  1. Lush Landscaping Goes a Long Way

Why not add some exotic plants to transform a backyard? If you’re constantly looking at a flat yard of grass, find areas where you can plant fountain grass, clematis, or boxwood. Use planters to add structure to unwieldy greens.

And plant along the edge of a deck or patio, or by your home’s foundation. Plantings around the base of a tree can add a nice touch, too.

  1. Get a Backyard Transformation with a Pool

Add a pool to transform your backyard into an instant getaway. Choose from lap pools or the popular bean-shaped pool. Or upgrade to some fancier pools that will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

For instance, the salt water pool cost is a reasonable addition to a backyard makeover plan. You’ll need to invest a little more on the front end, but you’ll gain a pool with fewer chemicals that is easier on your extremities.

  1. Add a Patio to Transform a Backyard

For even just a few hundred dollars, you can add a basic patio to your backyard. It’s a great space for a grille, new furniture, or toys. If you spend a lot of time with guests, they’ll love being able to head outside when they come over.

A DIYer can prepare a flat space and pour the concrete for a thrifty solution. Go a little more upscale with brick pavers.

  1. Plant a Garden Oasis

If you’re trying to keep costs down for your budget, you can enact a big change with a garden. You’ll get the natural beauty of vegetables ripening each summer, and the benefit of healthy additions to your diet. You can work with your kids to keep the produce growing!

Opt for raised beds for a little more polish. Raised beds look classy, plus they offer the advantage of freeing up more growing space. 

Pursue a Backyard Makeover

A backyard transformation doesn’t have to be expensive to be dramatic. With the right furniture or new plantings, you can build the perfect retreat. But if you go big with a new pool or patio, you’ll have an ideal entertainment space.

For more tips to enhance your home, check back for new articles.

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