5 Most Critical Stages Of A Relationship

Dating is a beautiful experience for many people, and yet it can sometimes turn out to be one of those things that you say ‘ I wish I knew.’ People date for various reasons. For instance, some dates because they enjoy great sex while others want to make great families. Whatever the reason that you have for dating, it is natural that you would want to have a great dating experience. Getting enough information from authoritative sites such as datinggurus.com.au/ can help you navigate your dating life in a better way.

The 5 Essential Stages of a Perfect Relationship

Although there may be nothing like a perfect relationship, the truth is that some relationships are better than others. The stages that a relationship took to rich the maturity level can be used to predict how a relationship will end. If you are trying to get into a relationship and you want it to work well for you, then you may want to familiarize yourself with these crucial stages of a relationship.

  1. The Attraction Stage
  2. Crisis Stage
  3. Working Stage
  4. Commitment Stage
  5. Bliss Stage

The Attraction Stage

The attraction stage is the first step of any relationship. In this stage, everything seems to be perfect. The attraction of your potential partner is overwhelming, and the only thing that you can think of is making her/him your closest friend. The levels of norepinephrine, oxytocin, and dopamine go high. Often, people make a mistake by rushing this stage. It is not wise that once you are attracted to someone, you rush to kissing.

When you are in this stage, it is crucial to be cautious because it is where you can mess with your relationship. If it is a relationship that you to result in marriage, then you will need to fight all the temptations that may come your way. You need pretty of time to decide whether or not the person that you are seeing is the one meant for your marriage.

The Crisis Stage

The first stage can blind you not to seeing the other person of what he/she is in the real sense. However, after two months or so in the relationship, the dopamine hormone and other similar in your system subside, and that is when you start seeing the reality. It is at this stage that you will become more comfortable with the person that you are interested in. Experts believe that it is in this stage that the first argument in a relationship is bound to happen.

Most couples normally do not make out of this stage because the relationship pressure can be overwhelming. Questions such as are we really compatible are more likely to be asked in this stage. If you pass the test in this stage, then the chances are that you will make it to the final stage of your relationship. The interesting thing about this stage, however difficult it might be, is that it is the one responsible for preparing you for the hard times ahead. When you are in the crisis stage, you must watch out how you handle your relationship crises. It is here where you will develop the stamina to face off the future.

The Working Stage

For you to get to the working stage, there is no doubt that you managed to conquer the crisis stage beautifully. It is in the working stage that you will come across situations where the other one cooks while the other does the dishes. The working stage makes you believe that you have everything in your relationship under control. The good and exciting part of this stage is that you will finally decide to accept each other with all your weaknesses. However, you should avoid the temptation of taking your other significant for granted as such temptations are bound to increase here.

Commitment Stage

As the name suggests, this is the stage where you are going to commit your life to each other. Although the decision to get married was also manifested in the working stage, the commitment stage is where you promise not to break each other’s hearts. Here, kids and a beautiful family become unstoppable. The good thing with this stage is that you will again start seeing how beautiful or handsome your partner is.

The Real Love Stage

This is the destiny of any relationship. Everyone who gets into a relationship do so because they want to get to this stage. One thing that you must understand is that for you to get to this stage, hard work and sacrifice are very necessary. Once you get to this point, all that you can think of is to build your empire and not how you are going to make your relationship work. Always remember that challenges in relationships are meant to make you stronger and not to crash you.

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