5 Problems With Garage Doors All Homeowners Should Know About

Over 60% of American households have some form of garage or carport. If you own a garage, chances are you have had some problems with your garage doors. There are many kinds of garage door problems to look out for.

Some have to do with electronics, while others are more mechanical. If you have a problem with garage doors around your house, check out this essential guide.

It is time to go over some of the most common problems with garage doors. That way, next time your garage door is being stubborn, you will know what to do.

  1. Electronic Problems With Garage Doors

The most common problem with wiring garage doors is that you hook the garage door up to the wrong switch.

If you are pressing your garage door opener with no result, you may need to rewire your garage door to the correct switch.

Another common electronic garage door issue is obstructed garage door sensors. If something blocks your sensors, or if they become too dirty, they may affect the way your garage door opens and closes.

  1. Your Garage Door Squeaks or Pops

If your garage door is making all sorts of strange noises and sounds like it is on its last limb, you may need to replace its bearings or rollers. Worn bearings and rollers are some of the most common garage door problems.

You may need to lubricate these components, but if they are too far gone, your best bet is to call a specialist in garage door repairs and get them replaced.

  1. Your Garage Door Is Stuck

If your garage door won’t open or close, and you have already ruled out an electronic malfunction, it may be stuck. Common causes of a stuck garage door are worn components, warped garage door tracks, and an uneven hang.

  1. Spring Issues

Your garage door’s spring is what allows it to move up and down when you open and close it. If the spring breaks, your garage door won’t respond at all.

If it gets stretched or worn, then the speed at which your garage door opens may be too slow, and it may slide back down over time.

  1. Door Won’t Close All the Way

If your garage door closes most of the way but still leaves a gap at the bottom, a few things could be going on. First of all, your limit switch may need an adjustment. Your sensors could also be blocked or malfunctioning.

If you have checked both these things but are still running into problems, inspect the track to ensure it is free of debris, corrosion, and warps. 

Reclaim Your Garage

If your garage door has become your enemy as of late, it is time to troubleshoot some common problems with garage doors. Nobody should feel powerless against a finicky garage door.

Use the information in this article to diagnose and solve your garage door problems today. Also, be sure to check back with our online magazine for other great content like this.

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