5 reasons why copper nails are the best option for waterproof fasteners

If you’re considering choosing between various materials to help with your next construction project, copper stands out among the rest. Not only is it better than gold, silver, or another type of aluminum alloy, but it is waterproof and weather resistant – making the perfect choice for your next construction project that is going to be outside in the elements! If you are constructing a boat, an outside vehicle, shed, or any type of accessory that will be outside most of the time, then using copper fasteners are the way to go. Let’s see a few reasons why copper nails are the best choice for waterproof fasteners compared to other alternatives.

5 reasons to choose copper nails for your next DIY project!

Heating and plumbing

One of the best reasons that you should choose copper nails is because it is widely used in heating and plumbing systems in houses around the world! Copper is typically used in environments that have high levels of heat and friction since they are able to conduct heat without burning up. Along with being great at conducting heat, they are waterproof, making it the gold standard for using plumbing and sewage systems. Lastly, did you know that copper nails are hygienic and anit-microbial? This means that bacteria and fungus won’t build up on the products, making them the ideal fasteners for your plumbing system.

Copper roofing

The second reason to consider using copper nails is because they can be used for the exterior roof of your home. If you need a durable and reliable option that works well in all different types of weather, choose copper nails – this type of fastener resists corrosion and rust!


The third reason to use copper nails is they are the best alternative to use when it comes to fittings. If you need a new option for fittings and fixtures in your house, consider using copper nails and copper appliances for door hinges, faucets, and other fasteners around your house.


The fourth reason to use copper nails is because it is the ideal choice for cladding. Since you can easily form copper to the ideal shape, you can make sure the animals fit into the slots and the spaces that are required in the cladding.

Electrical wiring

The last reason to use copper nails and copper material in your house is because it works well with electrical components. Copper can help conduct electricity, making it efficient and safe to use with electrical fittings in your house. Since copper is a safe material to use with various electrical appliances without having to worry about high levels of heat transference or potential electrical fires, consider using copper fittings and copper nails during your next electrical DIY project.


If you’re debating what type of fastener to use for your next construction project outside or in your home, copper nails are the way to go if you want a durable, long-lasting ,waterproof, and safe option! Using copper is a safe, heavy-duty, and flexible option that works well in various DIY projects.



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