5 Reasons Why Spray Foam Insulation Is the Best

If you’ve decided to build a new home or want to update your current one, you need to consider the insulation. Over a million homes got built during 2019! 

The way you insulate your home will affect it for years to come. Some are better than others. Keep reading to learn the top 5 spray foam insulation benefits. 

1. Allergen Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

What are the benefits of spray foam insulation? One major factor is that it protects your home from allergens. Foam can reach into cracks and any small areas that other types of insulation may not. 

When you reduce the number of allergens that get into the home, you suffer less from respiratory issues. That is especially helpful to those with asthma. 

Most dust and other allergens come into your home through walls. Spray foam insulation offers a nontoxic option that gives you fresh indoor air.

2. Structural Benefits 

Since it is dense and gets hard, there are structural benefits of spray foam insulation. Walls must have specific load-bearing standards for the building to meet code specs. Heavy rain and winds can affect the strength of your home’s walls. 

One of the spray foam insulation benefits is that it acts like glue. It’s strong and can hold things together. It gets everywhere and will bind to even heavy structural parts. 

3. Spray Foam Insulation Lasts

It can be the preferred insulation because it will outlast other kinds of insulation. Fiberglass can sag and wrinkle over time. That leaves holes where air and moisture can penetrate. 

One of the spray foam insulation benefits is that it won’t bend or wrinkle over time. That will save you lots of rework down the road. 

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4. Keeps Bugs Away

Bugs and rodents can carry diseases. Along with the structural benefits of spray foam insulation, it can deter pests. Many bugs get into your home through small holes and cracks. 

Since spray foam insulation fills up these tiny areas, you reduce the number of insects in the home. With fewer rodents in the house, you remove more chances of getting sick from their waste. 

5. Good for the Environment

Along with other benefits of spray foam insulation, it will reduce carbon footprints. That works because you use less energy since you’ll have a more efficient insulator. 

Often, spray foam insulation gets mixed with water instead of fluorocarbons. These can damage the ozone layer, so water is a safe choice. It will reduce the impact made on the environment. 

The Right Choice

Now that you know the top five spray foam insulation benefits, you can decide if it’s right for you. Whether your home is older or brand new, spray foam insulation may be the best investment you can make. 

Since it is a top choice insulator, it can keep you cool in the summer and warm during those cold winter months. When you want your home to stay comfortable for years to come, spray foam insulation can help. Check out our other articles for more health and home-related content!

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