5 Signs Your Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced

Breast implant longevity is a topic that comes up quite often between surgeons and their patients.

Cosmetic surgery is an investment, so it is only natural for patients to want to know how long they can expect to enjoy the results of their surgery before they’ll need to consider implant replacement or removal.

The majority of breast implants in Johnson City come with a 10-year warranty, which indicates that they will last for a minimum of 10 years. Many patients are lead to believe that they will definitely need to replace their implants after 10 years but this isn’t always the case. If breast augmentation surgery is performed by a highly qualified and experienced surgeon and the patient carefully follows all aftercare instructions, there’s no reason why implants won’t last longer than a decade.

With that being said, it’s still important to understand the circumstances that require implants to be replaced.

When to Consider Replacing Your Breast Implants

Here are five reasons why you may want to consider contacting a specialist for breast surgery such as Plastic Surgery Adelaide about revision surgery.

You’re no longer happy with the size of your breasts. Believe it or not, this is usually the number one reason why women decide to have revision surgery. Many women realise that they would’ve liked to have smaller or bigger breasts once they see the results of their original surgery, which is when they decide to have their implants replaced.

Capsular contracture has occurred. Following your breast augmentation procedure, your body will naturally form a protective capsule around each implant, which is what gives the breast a soft and natural feel. Unfortunately, this capsule can harden and thicken, which is when it starts affecting the implant. If capsular contracture occurs, the implant will lift and cause pain and discomfort. The breast will also look unnatural, so revision surgery is a must if the patient wants to rectify the issue. In some cases, capsular contracture can occur a second time, which is why some patients choose to have their implants removed instead. For surgery, you can contact with plastic surgery calgary.

One or both implants have moved. It is also possible for one or both of the breast implants to move after surgery – this is known as migrating. While the implants don’t move very far, it does produce a noticeable effect.

An implant has ruptured. When one or both of the breast implants rupture, it will alter the shape of the breasts. When a saline implant ruptures, the patient will see an immediate difference. In the case of silicone implants, patients may only become aware of the rupture much later as the breast will gradually lose its shape. Revision surgery is the only way to return the breasts back to their original shape.

An implant has rotated. The majority of implants are circular but today, there is also the option of teardrop implants, which are anatomically shaped. Teardrop implants can rotate, which cause the breasts to look uneven. If this occurs, revision surgery will be necessary.