5 Tips for a Spring Closet Clear Out for the New Season

According to one study, about 91% of Americans decide to do some spring cleaning.

One aspect of spring cleaning that can really help to organize your home is a closet clear out!

Is your closet too overwhelming that you don’t know where to start? Keep reading to find out how to clean out your closet!

  1. Take Everything Out

First, you should take everything out of your closet. It’s easier to clear it all out when you see what stuff you have in there. You may realize that you have five coats you never knew were there!

Once you’ve taken everything out, organize it into five separate piles. One should be for what you love, what you want to keep, what you’ll donate, what needs to be dry cleaned, and what you can store away for another season.

  1. Evaluate Everything

Ask yourself some questions like does it still fit? Do you ever wear it? Does it have a purpose?

If it doesn’t have a purpose, you could give it a new one by donating it to someone in need. Or you can take it to one of the clothing consignment shops and receive a voucher for the next purchase!

  1. Only Keep What’s in Season

During the summer, you can pack up all of your coats, scarves, boots, and flannels and put them in the back of the closet to create your seasonal wardrobe storage, out of sight.

This way when you walk in, you’ll only see the clothes that you’re going to wear and won’t have to sift through all the clutter to find them!

  1. Buy Lots of Hangers

You don’t want to have your clothes thrown all over your closet, and having hangers will let them easily hang without getting dirty or wrinkled.

If you want to save yourself next time you’re wondering how to spring clean your closet, you should start by turning all the hangers away from you. If you wear something that year, turn the hanger the right way.

Next time, you’ll be able to see what you actually wear and get rid of what you don’t!

  1. Maximize Your Space

You can use loft storage boxes to pack clothes and maximize your space. If you’ve really decided that you can’t part with certain clothes, pack them away and organize them.

That way if you ever do decide that you need them, you can easily find them without having to tear open the entire box!

Learn More About How to Successfully Pull off a Spring Closet Clear Out

These are only a few tips on how to successfully pull off a spring closet clear out, but there are many more tips!

We know that keeping your home clean and organized can seem overwhelming at some points, but we’re here to help you out!

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